Five Reasons I Love the Flyers: Teemu H

Teemu H writes for the Flyers blog, Broad Street Hockey. You may know him as Euroflyers on Twitter. He lives in Finland and is a diehard Flyers fan. He has offered up his five reasons why he loves the Flyers.

1. Style

The world is full of boring teams. Either teams that trust in air-tight defense, goaltending, both, or clogging the neutral zone. Teams that don’t possess enough skill to play an offensively oriented game, or teams that have a coach who doesn’t give his players the permission to use those skills.

The Flyers are not a boring team. They play hockey the way hockey is meant to be played. Hockey is a goal scoring game, not a goal preventing game. You must always score at least one goal to win a game and the Flyers have embraced this ideology. They are hungry for goals, and in that way, wins.

Entertainment is an important thing for a fan. Whether the athletes want it or not, sports are also entertainment. The offensive mentality of the Flyers is entertaining. It is simply more fun to watch than defensive oriented game.

Especially for someone who hails from the goalie land, the Flyers style is very refreshing to watch. I see plenty enough hockey in Finland that bases in great goaltending. In a way it only magnifies the value of the Flyers style in my eyes. They don’t have to wait that the goalie comes up big and saves the whole team’s collective ass. They go and score those goals you need to win games.

2. Attitude

The Flyers are a hard working team. They put their necks down and get to work. Goals don’t come free and because the Flyers are a goal scoring team, they have to work hard to win. Attacking and goal scoring always require sacrifices. The Flyers are ready for that. They are ready to pay the price.

The offensive mentality is about attitude.

3. Ambition

The organization is ambitious. It wants to win. The Flyers are one of the most consistent playoff teams, because the management is ambitious. That is a very honorable matter. They don’t tank in hopes of getting first overall draft picks. Sure, they make their share of mistakes in building up the roster. But they want to win. They’re desperate, possessed. What’s not to like?

It’s not enough that they have a hockey team in town. They want it to be successful.

4. Color

Originality is always a plus if you ask me. Also in colors. Could a team be any more original when choosing the orange color? The world is full of blue and red teams – black these days – but you will always stick out with orange. This really is an important and an overlooked matter in my opinion, because “that orange team” will remain in people’s minds much easier than the other generic colors.

5. Fans

The Flyers have fans who care. The organization and the players could not ask for more. I often hear Kimmo Timonen for example say that the fans should have high expectations for the team and they should only demand the best because that’s what the players do, too. When the Flyers play, it’s possible to see the players and fans feed off of each other’s energy.

That’s when energy becomes synergy. It’s beautiful.

For a long distance fan like myself, other fans are also important. I don’t have the opportunity to watch the games in the What’s-the-latest-name-Center. I don’t even have the opportunity to watch the games with other fans to begin with. I wake up at 2 am for the games, put on some Flyers jersey (could be anything from Brière to Brind’Amour) and the only company I have is a cat trying to sleep on my lap with the “not this shit again” look on his face.

Needless to say; you must be entertaining, you must have attitude and ambition – and you must wear orange – if you want to keep this fan awake from 2 to 5 am three times a week.

The Five Reasons to Love the Flyers feature was inspired by the Five Reasons I Love Hockey feature on the Puck Daddy blog. This column should run biweekly on Thursdays. If you are a diehard Flyers fan and would like to submit your list of reasons to love the Flyers, contact us.

  • http://none JR NYC FlyersFan

    That cat must be a Sixers fan.

  • http://none JR NYC FlyersFan

    That cat must be a Sixers fan.