The morning after: Flyers @ Penguins 10.29.10

“The morning after” is a review of the previous night’s Flyers’ game which, in theory, provides a more objective perspective on the game.

Wow!  Excitement at the beginning and the end of this game (lacking somewhat in the middle).  Viewed as a whole, it was a good game to start the “dad weekend”.  (Aside: Who wants to party with the Carcillos?  Here we go!) 

If you missed the first 2:35 of this game, you missed a lot. 30 minutes of penalties, a great off-the-puck-drop fight between Captain Mike Richards and Matt Cooke (who got pummeled at the end of the fight – on his knees - while the refs looked on) a bloody – but not so great for Jody Shelley - bout with Deryk Engelland (what do you expect from the Brits? They have soccer hooligans over there!), 3-on-3 play, a party in the penalty box(!) and confusing penalty times (who gets to leave the box, and when?)  It started ugly (uglier than usual – which is saying a lot since the Penguins boast a lineup of Frankenstein, swine flu, ugly donkey, Le-ugly, ugly goalie, and ugly beards), but boy was it fun!

If it was a roller coaster in the first (and it was), it lulled in the second.  The Flyers were getting beat to pucks and lacked fire.  Then, Richards and Giroux got down the ice on a penalty kill, showing a pretty pass and a prettier goal.  Giroux’s shorty was the turning point for this game.  The Flyers started playing much better after that goal.

The third period had the Flyers sitting back a bit after Dan Carcillo scored.  Near the end of the period, the Penguins pulled Marc-Andre (with flair) Fleury and scored to get the game back to a one-goal contest.  After a flurry (har har) of passing, shots, and fans having heart attacks, the Flyers ended up winning the game 3-2.


  • Too many turnovers/giveaways.  The passing also left something to be desired.
  • Again in this game, the Flyers got a lead and then let their foot off the gas and coasted.    
  • Bob, Bob, Bob - Sergei Bobrovsky was kicking some puck (and gloving it and sticking it).   He was fantastic and kept the puck out of the net when the play and intensity dipped.
  • Giroux played a heck of a game, netting both a short-handed goal and a power-play goal.
  • Kimmo Timonen is blocking shots like he’s got extra padding on.  Or like he’s the Michelin man.
  • The Penguins have a monster truck announcer for their new arena.  (SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY!!!)  Dude, it’s Friday.  And it’s the Penguins.  Chill.
  • Richards’s fight really sparked the team.  He backed up his words from the last Penguins game and threw down with Cooke.   Although, I did spend the rest of the game hoping this would mean Carcillo and Crosby would get tricky.
  • Carcillo gets a goal, no penalty minutes and no fights.  (Yes, Carcillo – no typos in that sentence).
  • I would complain about taking too many penalties, but part of that was how the game was being called.
  • Hartnell was hit hard and went awkwardly into the boards early in the game.  Looked like Raggedy Andy, but ended up being okay (it’s all relative).
  • The Richards – Giroux chemistry on PK is scary good.
  • Jeff Carter – What happened to your long blonde hair?  I thought you were going to be Kate Gosselin for Halloween?
  • The big news going into this game was that Andreas Nodl and Carcillo were in, and Nikolay Zherdev was out, after being “demoted” to the fourth line during practice.  Maybe a message being sent?  Maybe just wanting more toughness?  Regardless, it’s nice to have players fighting for that last roster spot.  Competition keeps you fresh, prepared and feisty. 
  • This was a step forward for the team, but they still have some things to work on. 
  • Two game winning streak!!  First time all season… Can they make it three?