The morning after: Islanders @ Flyers 10.30.10

“The morning after” is a review of the previous night’s Flyers’ game which, in theory, provides a more objective perspective on the game.

I think of the Islanders as a measuring stick for your team.  Meaning if your team loses to the Islanders, they suck and will end up being moved to Las Vegas.  If your team wins, then they get two points.  Good deal, huh?

This was the Flyers Halloween game, and there were some frightful things going on in this game.  Chief among them: Rick DiPietro’s pads (although for a good cause) and, oh yeah, his play.  I am glad the Flyers don’t give out crazy-long contracts to players or else they could turn out like DiPietro.  Hmm…  Anyway, welcome to the Wachovia, errr, Wells Fargo Center!

The momentum from the Penguins game seemed to carry over to this game.  The Flyers were good in both zones, and did not play down to their opponent, as sometimes happens.  There was a lot of scoring (well, for the Flyers – not so much for the Islanders), and as the game got out of reach for the Islanders, the frustration and chippy play ratcheted up a notch.  Unfortunately, one of these instances was Trent Hunter pounding Andrej Meszaros into the boards, causing Meszaros to leave the game with the ever-vague “upper body injury”.  Preliminary reports indicate he was taken out for “precautionary reasons” and that he will be okay.  It would be a shame if he were to miss significant playing time, as he was starting to look like the Meszaros of old, and contribute to this team. 

Nodl also left the game with the “upper body injury” sometime in the second or third period.  After the game, Nodl said he will be “fine”.  I did not see the play he was injured on, so I have no idea what happened.  Nodl scored his second goal of the season in this game (this time with a goalie in the net, well, it was DiPietro, but still!)  He is making a solid case to stay in the lineup over Zherdev.  It will be interesting to see how this plays out, depending on injury status.

DiPietro looked like he got hurt in the first.  That man needs a bionic procedure or something.  He ended up staying in so he could not stop pucks and make some bone-headed decisions.  Among them: leaving the crease to fight with some Flyers at center ice (when the Flyers were already down a man, with Meszaros on the ice) and trying to fight Dan Carcillo but instead getting man-hugged by Chris Pronger.  I have a feeling Carcillo would have obliged the fight request and enjoyed punching DiPietro’s face in.  I also have a feeling I would have enjoyed seeing that.

If I were a total nerd, I might have been writing notes during this game.  If I had been, I would have written down “BOB!” 6 separate times before giving up writing it any more.  He was like gumby out there – quick, making the saves he is supposed to, and making spectacular ones too.  It’s all about Bob and he is showing what he can do.  And, he was able to perform in a back-to-back situation.


  • 120 penalty minutes in this one.  Good thing they don’t carry over, eh?
  • I’ve come to the conclusion that the Flyers could dress a refrigerator on Claude Giroux’s line and that fridge would end up with a point per game.
  • Jeff Carter and Pronger each scored two on the pink-padded DiPietro.  Carter’s goals through the five-hole and Prongers were up high.  Too easy to make a dirty joke here, folks.
  • There were 5 different Flyers players with multi-point games.
  • There were quite a few players thrown out and injured.  It was a very short bench for both teams in the last couple of minutes.
  • Since the Islanders fore-check is non-existent, it was easy for Flyers to break out of the defensive zone to start the rush.
  • Pronger’s goals were blasts from the point.  Perhaps he is feeling better?  It was nice for the defensemen to get shots through to the goal, instead of blocked out high.
  • The only Islanders goal came on a debated penalty shot, where Frans Nielsen was not clear of Pronger and had no clear possession of the puck.
  • Coming into the game, no Flyers defenseman had a goal.  The defensemen leave this game with three goals – two for Pronger and one for Kimmo Timonen.
  • The Flyers kept up intensity through most of game. Once it was out of reach, it lessened until the fisticuffs started near the end of the third period.
  • The Islanders started to self-destruct in the third period.  Frustration was evident, which lead to cheap-shots and chippyness.
  • Danny Briere could be suspended for a late cross-check off the faceoff.  He was given game misconduct, which means the play gets an automatic look-at by the league.  I have no idea of the result of this since suspensions are usually a surprise and not very consistent.
  • Leighton did some light skating yesterday.  Apparently he had weakness in his foot, but his back feels fine.  It will be interesting to see what happens when he comes back, and if there is a trade or a waiver debacle.  I mean… no, I mean a debacle.
  • Jeff Carter’s Dad’s name is Jimmy…
  • Chippy games are fun games!
  • I really hate the super-imposed ads above the goal nets on the broadcast.  I find them distracting.
  • Contempt is building between these clubs.  Should make for an interesting game next Saturday.
  • This was another step forward for the club, but I am not too excited about it, seeing as how it was against the Islanders.  The Flyers need to put together this kind of effort against other, better, teams.  It was nice to see a 60 minute effort from them, though!
  • Third straight win!  Nothing scary about that!