Solutions to solve the goaltending logjam

Michael Leighton has been sent to the Phantoms for conditioning and may soon be healthy enough to return to the Flyers’ roster. That means the team will likely have to make a move to resolve the logjam at the goalie position. Here are some of our suggestions:

5. Death Match

Lock Michael Leighton and Brian Boucher in a cage and let them fighting out. The last man standing will earn the honor of being the official backup goaltender of the Philadelphia Flyers.

4. Send Sergei Bobrovsky to the Phantoms

Remember that scene in Top Gun when Maverick slammed on the brakes in his jet and the plane behind him flew right by and he blew it up. Well, clearly, this would be exactly like that. The Flyers would hit the skids, the Penguins would fly right by us, and then we shoot a rocket at them. Literally.

3.  Hire Jeff Gillooly

The Flyers are playing well. So, why mess with a good thing? When Leighton hits the ice in Glens Falls, NY, Gillooly breaks his right leg and he heads back to IR. Boom, problem solved.

2. Think outside the box

Declare Matt Walker to be healthy, waive him and maybe Oskars Bartulis if need be. Let Bobrovsky remain as the starter. Then, on nights when you need a backup, dress five defenders and play both Leighton and Boucher in net at the same time. If each of them is responsible for half of the net, then they should post comparable numbers to Bobrovsky’s stats.

1. Screw Brian Boucher again

Let’s be honest. We all know that this is what’s going to happen. Michael Leighton will return to the team and Boosh will get waived. He’ll get sent to the Phantoms and help them until Leighton gets injured again. When they try to recall him, he’ll be claimed by the San Jose Sharks and get like 9 shutouts in 10 starts. Then, Bobrovsky will suffer some freak injury and the Flyers will re-sign Ray Emery, who will subsequently be injured too. From there, it will only be a matter of time before Brian Stewart becomes the starting goalie. Let’s be honest here, we’re talking about the Flyers. It’s inevitable that the team will suffer some horrendous tragedy in net.