Five Reasons I love the Flyers: Zoo With Roy

You may know and love Zoo With Roy from his blog, I Want to go to the Zoo with Roy Halladay, which features stick figure drawing and animations — among other things — about the Philadelphia Phillies. Here, he offers the five reasons he loves the Flyers.


They had a network made (far as I can recall, yo) specifically for their home games and late-night boobie movies. Yes, please.

2. Sergei Bobrovsky

No lie, I’m absolutely fascinated with Bob. And it’s not just the idea of an obscure kid from an awful Russian team that doesn’t speak English breaking faces that does it. He just… he has that mystique (to include rubber band legs and a hilarious nickname) requisite to goaltending greatness. You know when I knew he was special? When they showed him sitting alone in the bleachers in Pittsburgh the afternoon of the season opener- WEARING HIS GLOVE. For real. (I wrote this on November 12; if he broke his neck or got arrested for selling meth or something don’t make fun of me). Oh, and go buy this shirt.

3. The Fans

Our fans care. They always care. They always will care. They may be pretty dumb sometimes, but that’s rooted in passion. One of the numbers from my childhood forever etched in my memory is 17,423. Spectrum’d. Fully Spectrum’d.

4. Bobby Clarke Night

A cheesy montage, Gene Hart in a tuxedo, it was on PRISM, in front of 17,423, Dave Poulin giving Clarkie that shiny stick. I mean, come on. This isn’t a team, it’s a (sometimes drunk, kind of dysfunctional, but totally loving & passionate) family. Watch this:

5. Ron Hextall

zOMG Ron Hextall. Much like Clarke (and now Boozemore Richards), he symbolized the imperfect hero we tend to appreciate here. Hexy was the brother that made you cringe sometimes with the things he’d do at recess, but you have to love him for that passion. Put it this way: if you can’t fight for yourself or your teammates, who would you fight for?

The Five Reasons to Love the Flyers feature was inspired by the Five Reasons I Love Hockey feature on the Puck Daddy blog. This column should run biweekly on Thursdays. If you are a diehard Flyers fan and would like to submit your list of reasons to love the Flyers, contact us.