Thank you

Thank you to everyone who helped make our first season at Flyers Faithful a successful one. We were truly blown away by the support we’ve gotten from the hockey community this season.

Thank you to everyone who reads our site, subscribes to our RSS Feed, likes us on Facebook, follows us on Twitter, and/or comments on our articles. We wouldn’t be here without you.

Thank you to Ladyneat, David Strehle, and the others who originally helped spread the word of our existence on Twitter.

Thank you to Broad Street Hockey, Puck Daddy, and the other sites and bloggers who graciously quoted or linked to our stories.

Thank you to all of the people who retweeted links to our posts or shared our stories on Facebook and other social networking sites.

Thank you to The Goalie GuildTim McManus, and the others who took time out of their day to be interviewed for articles.

Thank you to Mark Trible, Matt P, Dustin Leed, Sarah Baicker, Anthony SanFilippo, and all of the others who gave their time and insights to participate in the Five Questions series.

Thank you to Flyers Goal Scored By…, Dan A, David Isaac, Shawny Hill, Zoo With Roy, Crane Kicker, Down Goes Spezza, and the others who contributed a post to the Five Reasons Series.

Thank you, especially, to Geoff Detweiler and Teemu H, who have really gone out of their way to be incredibly helpful and generous to us. We owe the two of you the world and are incredibly thankful for everything you’ve done.

Thank you to John Lusky for providing us with some great graphics.

Last but certainly not least, thank you to Penaltykiller, Bob H, Frick, Pavialax, Craig F, Nick D, and Dan A for writing for this site. I love reading your content and look forward to continuing to work with you through the summer and in upcoming seasons.

We have a lot of good things coming this summer and hope to provide you with some great content. So don’t go anywhere!