MasterGame Theater

Since the off-season is long, and your attention span may be short when faced with the prospect of Mack and Manco’s, endless Boardwalk strolls, Duffer’s, Wonderland and visions of hotties dancing in your heads after a couple beers at the Princeton or Ocean Drive, we’re going to occasionally run videos of important Flyers games from the past.

Tonight, for your nostalgic pleasure, an appetizer of brief highlights from Game 1 of the 1985 Stanley Cup Finals between the Flyers and Edmonton Oilers. It happened 26 years ago today.

Ahhh…Gene Hart narration. Clean, crisp, erudite. Dare I say poetic?

In the season before the Presidents’ Trophy was awarded, the Flyers got home-ice advantage because they finished four points ahead of the defending Stanley Cup champions.

There was a 2-3-2 format in the best-of-seven series back then, but the Flyers didn’t get a chance to play those final two games at home.

Nonetheless, it was a shock that Edmonton, which lost all of two games in the previous three rounds combined, came out so flat in Game 1 of their title defense.

You can tell from the pace of action that the Flyers really gambled and won, capitalizing on mistakes and rebounds to virtually blow out the high-octane visitors in front of a frenzied Spectrum audience.

Check out Ron Sutter’s breakaway goal…if a defenseman made that kind of pass today, he’d not only get benched, he’d probably be sent to the dressing room and then sent up to the press box for a game or two.

Also, you’d never catch any player cherry picking with 3/4 of the ice ahead of him these days. And if so, it’s a sure bet that an opposing player would have tried to chase down Dave Poulin and horse-collar him while trying to prevent the empty-netter.

It was a kinder, gentler NHL then.