Offseason questions

After shocking the hockey world with the blockbuster trades of Jeff Carter and Mike Richards, the Flyers created a number of questions that need to be answered before the regular season starts. Many of these questions will be answered during free agency and training camp. It’s too difficult to answer many, if not all, of these questions now. Nevertheless, it is important to identify them to make better sense of unexpected moves if and when they happen.

Here, we will try to identify as many of the major questions as we can.

  • Will Brayden Schenn and/or Sean Couturier make the Flyers or will they be given time to develop?
  • How much cap space will be left over once the remaining restricted free agents are signed?
  • Is there any truth to the Steven Stamkos or Brad Richards rumors?
  • What free agents might the Flyers target?
  • Will anyone else be traded?
  • Will Ville Leino re-sign in Philadelphia?
  • Are the Flyers willing to concede the Stanley Cup this season and call this a rebuild?
  • How will the special teams play out?
  • Will Chris Pronger be healthy at the start of the season? If not, how long will he be out?
  • Will Chris Pronger be named captain? If so, how will Kimmo Timonen react to being passed over again?
  • How do these trades affect Kimmo Timonen, who is nearing the end of his career and anxious to win a Cup before retiring?
  • What will happen with Sergei Bobrovsky?
  • Can Ilya Bryzgalov live up to the hype and the implications of his contract? Can he deal with Philly fans?
  • Who will be the new scapegoat?
  • How will the Phantoms roster shape up and how will the newfound organizational depth help prospects develop?
  • Did an organizational shift in philosophy just occur before our eyes?

We will be running a series of articles and interviews throughout the course of the offseason aimed at answering many of these questions and any others that come up.