Michael Houser starts OHL season strong

Michael Houser, of Wexford, PA, was among the goalies vying for a contract during the Flyers training camp. He performed well — and certainly outplayed fellow goalie, Brad Phillips — before getting cut on September 19.

Houser, who currently players for the London Knights of the OHL, is working hard to catch the attention of the Flyers.

Here is an excerpt from a Metro story on Houser:

Two games into the season, Houser has been one puck from perfect. Heading into Thursday’s games, Houser has faced more shots (82) and stopped more (81) than any other goalie in the OHL.

His goals-against average is so small, it’s barely an average at all: 0.48.

But enough numbers. Let’s hear from Houser.

“You get points throughout the season when you feel you’re in the zone, and that’s how I’ve felt to start the season,” he said before a practice recently at the John Labatt Centre. “There’s probably no better way to start the season than that. I want to keep that throughout the season — consistency is my goal.”

Houser hopes his stellar play will land him a contract with an NHL team. He spent more than a week at Philadelphia Flyers camp this summer.

The Flyers told him they had six goalies under contract, but three of them become free agents after the 2011-12 season.

“They said if I play well, then I have a chance there,” said Houser.

“It’s hard not to think about it, but then again you just have to go out and play your game because if you don’t play well and you have a bad season, then nothing positive is going to come out of that.”

Houser, 19, is in his third season with the Knights. On Tuesday, he was named the Vaughn CHL Goaltender of the Week.

A scout for Red Line Report believes it was a mistake that the Flyers did not sign Houser.

Ridiculous that London G Michael Houser was not drafted in ’10 or ’11. Did Philly sign him at least after inviting him to camp?

@potnoodlez Bad move- they should have. Like that crazy dude Matt Lesko says- “free money.” Houser’s got potential- back into draft he goes.

It makes you wonder if forgetting to draft Tomas Hyka wasn’t the biggest blunder of the offseason. Only time will tell.