Kerry Huffman has some great discussions with his son

Former Flyer, Kerry Huffman, may be best remembered by most people in Philadelphia for being part of the blockbuster trade that made Eric Lindros a Flyer. My fondest memory involving Huffman, on the other hand, occurred when I was in grade school and I won a Flyers puck autographed by the former first round pick at St. Monica’s Fathers and Sons breakfast. That is, until now. Huffman runs the blog, Navigating the World of Hockey. On occasion, he discusses life as a hockey dad. Take this conversation he had with his son, for example:

“Dad, way back then did you have one of those real goofy haircuts, a Mallet????”
Being a good father I quickly corrected him and told him that I indeed did have a Mullet back in the day. I also told him that he should be respectful of the Mullet and that it was one of the greatest hairstyles in history…..  ‘Business in the front, Party in the back!’ I also educated the young lad on some of the other aliases for the legendary hockey haircut, such as:
Nebraska Neckwarmer
Kentucky Curtain
Arkansas Ape Drape
Schlong (short/long)
West Virginia Waterfall
The Cyrus Virus
By this point we were travelling well down memory lane. He then said to me, “Dad, those must have been great times, what was your favorite car back then???”
“The Camaro IROC.” I responded.
Again with the stunned look he inquired, “What does IROC stand for???”
Once more, being a good dad, it was time to be honest and teach the boy…., “Italian reject out cruising……”

- Kerry Huffman, from Cooperalls and the mullet

Maybe I’m wrong but I always thought “schlong” referred to something completely different. You learn something new every day, I guess.