Jágr doesn’t care about points

He tapped with his stick and when he got the puck, he shot it.

With every game back in North America, Jaromír Jágr is getting better and better in his shooting performance. After two goals — his first of the year — against Toronto on Monday, he added another one against Montreal two days later.

It’s definitely good for every hockey player when he finally scores — proving that even 39-year-olds who have been away for three years still retain the fire and the skill to compete at the NHL level.

“I hope that I’m going to continue,” he said.

Jaromír Jágr has picked up where he left off, putting up points in the NHL again. He scored three times in his last two games and he finally silenced questions about when he would score his first goal as a Flyer.

“I didn’t listen to journalists, I was OK. There were some questions about it, but I don’t care. I hoped that when I stay healthy I can score,” he smiled.

After three disappointing home games against the Los Angeles Kings, Washington Capitals and St. Louis Blues, Jágr finally found his
dominant role on the ice.

“It’s easier to skate, when you do well. A week ago we didn’t do well, we lost three games at home, so you’re more exhausted than when you’re winning. But it’s normal,” he shrugged.

Even after losing by a 5-1 score in Montreal, the newspapers are full with Jágr’s trademark salute.

He happily returned to his old goal celebration which he first used in Pittsburgh. As a Penguin, he collected most of his 649 career goals, and many of them came at the expense of his current club. That lofty total happens to be the most by any European-trained player of all-time. Finnish native Teemu Selänne is nine goals behind Jágr and still going strong.

“I don’t care about it. There were questions about that, but again I don’t care about how many goals he has or when he can tie me. I wouldn’t have gone to Russia if I cared. If I hadn’t left the NHL for 3 years, Selänne wouldn’t have a chance,” admitted Jágr.

This article is based on a Czech story on iDNES.cz