Remembering Pelle: Your memories

This day, 26 years ago, Pelle Lindbergh passed away. Last year, Bob H wrote an emotional and unabashedly honest five-part series in honor of Pelle Lindbergh. This year, we decided that we wanted to crowdsource our tribute, asking fans, bloggers, and writers for their memories of Pelle and his death.

Picture courtesy John Harkins

First off, we will start with some thoughts from Bill Meltzer, author of Pelle Lindbergh: Behind the White Mask:

I remember Pelle as a goalie who had established himself as the best in the NHL and had only just begun to tap into his full potential. In addition, he was one of the best-liked players in the hockey world: a gentle, sweet-tempered. energetic person who always had a good time no matter what he did. He had a gift for making others smile. Unfortunately, he thought he was invincible and drove way too fast. Mix that with a night of drinking (which was not his normal behavior during the season), and the results were fatal.

From John Saquella, via email:

I was almost 13 when Pelle Lindbergh died. He wasn’t my favorite player, but was one of my favorites. After he passed away, he may have even moved higher on the list, simply because of what could have been.

I was living in Haddon Twp NJ, and when my mother told me the news, I remember feeling numb. I didn’t cry, or at least don’t recall crying. I packed up my street hockey sticks, and a couple of orange Mylec hockey balls, and went to the Holy Saviour school parking lot, and just shot the balls off the wall for hours.

I will never forget that dull, empty feeling.

Finally, we have a series of Tweets we received last night remembering Pelle:

We’d like to encourage you to share your memories of Pelle and his tragic passing in the comments below.

Thank you to all who contributed to this story.