I made myself go to Barnes and Noble tonight and pick up the one copy they have of The Final Call: Hockey Stories from a Legend in Stripes by Kerry Fraser. It’s been on my list to read and review since I started here at Flyers Faithful. Unfortunately, unlike those lovely picture books I reviewed many weeks ago, this is a novel-sized book. Which means it will take time.

So this week is a teaser.

Because as I was waiting for my appointment, I read the first chapter entitled, “Holding On: The Final Game.” I hadn’t realized this, but Mr. Fraser’s last game was the 2010 Rangers-Flyers game that ended in a shootout and sent the Flyers to the playoffs. THAT GAME! Took two seconds into the book to realize this and my heart skipped a beat. No cliche, I’m pretty sure it did. Just relaying this information to you makes my heart start beating faster.

That game.

It doesn’t go on about the game, just that last puck drop between Jeff Carter and Artem Anisimov before it flashes back to the beginning of his officiating career.

“The players hunger for the black disc, but I don’t want to release it. If I drop the puck, it will bring me one second closer to the end. It remains in my hand; I am frozen in time.” (19)

If that doesn’t grab you, then something is truly wrong with you.

That’s all I’m giving you this time. Go Flyers tonight!!!