Very Superstitious

I am not watching the game (Penguins vs Flyers 12/8/11) right now for several reasons.

One: It’s on NHL Network and that means it’s blacked out on GameCenter Live. I don’t have cable. I hate streams too, which is lame, I know, but they bug me.

Two: I have work to do and Finals are next week, so my regular busyness has been ramped up.

Three: I, for a variety of reasons, have been unable to watch the last three games previous and the Flyers have won all three. I am not about to kill that streak.

Yeah, I’m superstitious.

I didn’t used to be. I used to be very sane individual. Well, a little dreamy because I’m a writer and former aspiring actor, but Sane. I heard about people, sports fans and athletes, who wouldn’t change their underwear for like a week because of some belief that to wash something would make it lose its magic. And I thought these types of people were nuts.

It happened to me early in my hockey awareness. Probably a month or two into it. Had a shirt that I wore when they’d won. The next game I didn’t wear it and they started losing. I switched shirts in no time.

I do it now. All the time. Not the unwashed underwear. Gross. But I’ve re-worn certain Flyers shirts/jerseys (I only have one)/hoodies (again, just one) in an effort to make sure that whatever combination that led the Flyers to victory previous stays intact. I am not watching the game right now because it worked for three games so far. I got on Broad Street Hockey a second ago to read the comments and what happened? The Penguins scored. My fault. I promptly got off to ensure the victory.

People do all sorts of random things in an effort to help their team win.

Friend of mine played “Paint It Black” on Guitar Hero to get some specific score every time before a playoff game back in 2010. I heard of other strange things: mismatched socks, volume on television kept at a certain number, stay in the same position the whole game (this can really cramp after awhile), and so on and so forth. It’s incredible how much ‘sane’ people succumb to superstitions.

The players have their superstitions as well. Putting their gear on in a certain order, the way they tape their sticks, the hitting the pipes for the goalie at a certain time. Claude Giroux eats grilled cheese before every game. And we are thankful that you do, oh epic Point Leader. Their superstitions and rituals are just as illogical as the fans, but nobody thinks of not doing them.

We could be all psychological about this and talk about having the need to control what is out of our control, but let’s not make it all scientific. We, as fans, do our part to ensure a victory for our team. Even if it means neglecting the laundry for several weeks.

What are your superstitious rituals?

And if you started singing Stevie Wonder when you read the title, you’re awesome.