The need without G

I’ll just let this quote from Paul Holmgren speak for itself.

“Claude reported not feeling very good today. Over the past few days, his symptoms have gradually gotten worse.  He will be out indefinitely with a concussion.”

There are multitudes contained within. I’m tired of parsing every statement, looking for the grains of truth hidden within the untruths.

Right now, the expectations of every single Flyers fan and media member should be lowered to near-rock-bottom status. We’re in full-blown emergency mode, so every loss should be taken with a shaker full of salt and every victory should be savored as a little miracle all its own.

For James van Riemsdyk, who fairly or unfairly was marked along with Giroux as a new young leader for the Flyers, it’s his first real test as a professional.

It’s also a test of mettle for Matt Read, Sean Couturier, Marc-Andre Bourdon, Kevin Marshall, Erik Gustafsson and Brayden Schenn when they return, as well as the dozen or so veterans that remain. Everyone must find an extra burden and shoulder it. The schedule doesn’t stop and teams will have no pity.

How everyone responds, not necessarily wins and losses, should be the indicator of the true character of this year’s team. We find out starting 7 PM in Washington DC.