Five Reasons I Love the Flyers: Mark Trible

Mark Trible is the head Flyers writer and content manager for The Checking Line. He also co-hosts Flyers Corner radio. You can also follow him on Twitter. Below, he gives us the top five reasons he loves the Flyers.

5. The dedication of the fans

I can say that I’ve come across all types of fans in my life, and Flyers fans are certainly among the top of the line when it comes to diehards. Even at rookie camp, massive amounts of people come out and support the team. It’s not just that they support the team, many of them know the game extremely well and it’s always been a joy to talk to them about the team. They also have no offseason, they know exactly what is happening with the team at all times. That’s just straight up cool.

4. The community

I guess this one could technically be a piggyback off #5, but it’s unbelievable the amount of feedback I get on a day-to-day basis. Whether it’s on Twitter, Facebook, or Google +, the conversation is always going on in regards to the team. To keep a finger on the pulse of what the fans want to read and their feelings about the team is important to me. And because so many of them know what’s going on, it’s extremely easy to discuss any issue and know exactly what everyone thinks. The communication is stellar and very rewarding to say the least.

3. Other writers

I know when it comes to the beisbol side of Philadelphia sports, there always seems to be some kind of bickering amongst websites, but I’ve never personally had that issue (with that being said, there are also many more diamond blogs than Flyers blogs out there, so I understand it). For the most part I receive feedback, retweets, links, etc. from other websites and although many of us are competing in a way, there’s a camaraderie that exists and makes things easier on everyone.

One obvious case in point is being asked to contribute to this series!

2. Wells Fargo Center

There’s literally nothing like being in the building for a big game. The atmosphere is so electric, (how electric is it?) it’s so electric that it almost made me completely abandon all hate for the DOOP song.

1. Never a dull moment

Need something to write about? Speculation? Roster turnover? Goalie issues? Trades? The Flyers are the team for that. Just when you think they’re done, they do something else. And when you’re sure they’ll do something else, they’re done. They keep everyone on their toes.

Subject matter is a beaaauuuutiful thing.

The Five Reasons to Love the Flyers feature was inspired by the Five Reasons I Love Hockey feature on the Puck Daddy blog. This column should run biweekly on Thursdays. If you are a diehard Flyers fan and would like to submit your list of reasons to love the Flyers, contact us.