Jágr doesn’t make a noise, he’s a good neighbour, praises Vorácek

Despite getting thoroughly beaten by the Boston Bruins, losing Chris Pronger for the rest of the season and Claude Giroux getting concussed, Jakub Vorácek is an optimist.

“We’re playing excellent,” claims red-haired Jágr’s buddy. One lost match can’t distract us.“

Boston scored six goals against the Flyers in Philadelphia. That’s not a game that you want to remember. What happened? Did you run out of gas because of the long winning streak?

I don’t think so but, if it’s 3-0 after nine minutes and the first goal is deflection from the skate, it’s hard to come back. We weren’t playing that bad as it looked on the scoreboard.

It was a wild game sometimes. Your enforcer Shelley challenged Chára and you were involved at least in two skirmishes (scuffles).

As I always say, it’s the NHL. That’s how the things usually go in the league.

Aren’t you affected by the fact that Chris Pronger is out for the rest of the season because of the concussion?

I don’t think so. Obviously it’s a big loss, but we played couple of games without him and we won. And you can’t do anything if it didn’t work out in just one game.

But the loss of Claude Giroux who has been recovering also from a concussion would be more harmful, don’t you think?

Claude is the best player in the league, on the paper or on the ice. We hope that he would be back soon, because he’s excellent and he is playing extremely well this year.

But he was hurt by your teammate Wayne Simmonds…

Wayne was very upset. Unfortunately Giroux got hit by his knee.

Shouldn’t the NHL slow down? Isn’t the game too fast, when concussions are being caused by teammates, like it happened to Milan Michálek in Ottawa?

Hmm, but you could have a concussion when you slip off a sidewalk in winter. You cannot really change that fact.

There were rumors that players have no respect for each other. You were also in a danger after Patrick Kaleta’s attack (after which he was suspended for 4 games).

I’m happy that NHL tightened its rules for this but, unfortunately, even this isn’t enough.

Without the last game (vs. Boston) you’re on top of the league. You were on a long winning streak. Did you predict such a start of the season after the big overhaul during last summer?

We’re playing good as a team, we’re scoring a lot. When we lost, we’re not thinking about it much and we’re moving on.

But you have only five goals in 30 games. You expected more, didn’t you?

You score goals or you don’t but if I will be the one who assists on goals, it would give me the same satisfaction.

You were on the same line with Briére and Simmonds at the beginning of the season, but now you’re more successful with Talbot and JVR. Do you feel the same?

Do we, right? We’re playing very well. We’re together for maybe 20 games and we’re making some really good plays. We’re scoring important goals and we’re playing on a penalty kill. We have to continue in this.

Jágr is pleased with the energy from the youngsters in your team. Can you compare it to Columbus?

There were good guys in Columbus, too, but after the trade for Jeff Carter, I’ve adjusted in Philly very quickly. It’s great here.

You were looking forward to living in Old City. Did your dreams come true?

Everything is awesome here. I can’t complain.

How about having Jágr as a neighbour?

He’s awesome and he’s not making noise. He’s polite. [laughs]

Do you watch HBO’s 24/7 together?

We discuss our quotes in the locker room [laughs]. It was weird at the beginning when they were everywhere with the camera, but it’s OK now.

So, do you feel like an actor?

I don’t think so but I’ve get used to it.

This is a translation of an article that originally appeared in Právo.

  • http://twitter.com/ecnewmanscribe Eden Newman

    YAY! Great interview!

  • http://twitter.com/ecnewmanscribe Eden Newman

    YAY! Great interview!

  • http://twitter.com/ecnewmanscribe Eden Newman

    YAY! Great interview!