A Jumble (of thoughts)

It’s two days to Christmas. That’s insane. I just got my packages out in the mail yesterday. Yeah, I was way late this year. Wish my family and friends didn’t live so far away. The logistics when you’re a nomad like me.

I thought today I would just do some quick reviews of much that’s been going on. We’ve had two episodes of HBO’s 24/7 Flyers Rangers so far with lots of quotable moments (HuMANGous Big) and Giroux returned after four games off for a four point night. Crazy busy in Flyerdom.

First though, The Hockey News, Vol. 65 No. 13, or January 2, 2012 issue: JAROMIR JAGR is on the cover!!! I was so excited when I got my copy in the mail. I have been reading articles in THN more and beginning to like what they cover slightly more (that was a horribly worded sentence, but oh well). Title on cover: “Hip Czech.” Title of article in magazine: “Man over Myth.” It’s a good article. For someone like me who had never even heard of Jagr before this past off-season, learning about his history is fascinating. The article speaks of his history with the Penguins, and how it was more the fans that were upset that he signed with Philadelphia than the Penguins management. How when he left for Siberia, most thought he’d been good, but was no longer what he’d been. The article touches on his chemistry with Giroux (even some quotes from the ginger superstar without any ‘uhs’ and ‘ums’). Some about his ‘night school’ (which is pretty amazing) and his presence in the locker room. It’s worth getting a copy and reading.

24/7. Wow. the first episode was pretty amazing with Bryzgalov and his general weird monologues (Tigers, Universe). It seems apparent that HBO is presenting the Flyers as a group of guys who enjoy the game and each other. We’re all biased, but the Rangers seem less exciting (that bit on Sean Avery and modeling was awkward). The second episode wasn’t as awesome, in my opinion. We didn’t get another dancing/singing sequence from the boys, and HBO didn’t do much with the announcement on Chris Pronger being out for the rest of the season. Which was huge! Why would they not put more focus on that?

And more Bob, please.

But Giroux was shown at the end of the episode, shooting at the net with a very exciting cliffhanger (not that we didn’t know how it was going to turn out after Wednesday’s game).

I feel like HBO isn’t showing much of all 24 hours and 7 days of the life of a hockey player. Don’t they go out and do more? How often do they work out and for how long? Do they ever just go and get coffee at some shop and talk to people? Where’s the everyday stuff?

That is my rant. Because I want to know the details, the non-exciting stuff that makes up a professional hockey player’s day. The part I don’t get to see and probably never will because I’m just a fan. Get on that, HBO.

Pretty darn cool, though. Coach Laviolette is more like Coach Taylor from Friday Night Lights then I had previously thought. And the Flyers are awesome. But I knew that.

So did you.

So, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Winter Solstice or whatever you celebrate. It’s a time to enjoy a break in work and life and enjoy hockey.

It’s always time to enjoy hockey. See you before the New Year.


P.S. It’s not Flyers-related, but the Chicago Blackhawks made the funniest video of all time. Enjoy.