A Meditation

Though hockey is sometimes couched in lofty/religious terms (and wrongly so, in my opinion) when it comes to title talk, it’s not often associated with high culture and ancient history. But that’s no reason to let inspiration flow when the opportunity arises.

So, on this glorious final Sunday in December, we wish you a safe, healthy and happy day however you do it and whatever you believe, and invite you to meditate on this new creation, lovingly crafted thanks to some high praise for one particular Philadelphia Flyers forward. Go here for the explanation of the original.

Girouxsalem, or, may William Blake roll in his grave but not go offside.

Photo courtesy of The Checking Line, via Dustin Leed

And did those skates in Harper’s time

Glide upon Kanata’s forgiving ice?

And did those hands so supple work

To make Pittsburgh pay the ultimate price?

And shall the countenance Divine

Produce a million fair maidens’ squeals?

And shall he undaunted cross the lines

Despite all foes’ repeat appeals?

Bring me my stick of silvery graphite!

Bring me the Ginger legions.

Know me by the sight of the luminous red lamps.

Let the call of my name sound out through the region!

I shall not shirk appointed roles

To seek division, conference and league crown

So that I may glories receive

In William Penn’s Greene Countrie Town.