Reevaluating (New Year and such)

I sit here with my cup of coffee (diluted with peppermint mocha creamer cause that’s how I roll) and look at my calendar that shows December with an old-fashioned painting of a hockey scene (gift from my dad last Christmas). Next to me is the 2012 calendar, this time with photos of the Flyers. It’s weird enough that Mike Richards, Jeff Carter, and Darroll Powe are all taking space in said calendar, but as I still like all three of them and miss them to some extent, I don’t mind.

It’s almost a new year.

2012 supposedly will bring the end of the world, but I’m not too worried. If this is true, not a damn thing I can do about it. And if it’s not (more likely), well, I’m excited because I feel like great things are going to happen this upcoming year.

I’m not prophetic by any means. 2012 just sounds/looks/feels good. I don’t know if this is the year that the Flyers will win the coveted trophy (I’m superstitious enough not to actually pen the real name), but this season has already been far more surprising and successful than most of us thought during offseason. Last year at this time, the Flyers were about to start a decline in wins and apparent effort (just as an observer, I truly don’t know what happened) that would end with the Boston Bruins sweep in the second round of the playoffs. Frustrating is putting it lightly.

Who knows with this year? We have one more episode of HBO’s 24/7 and this last one had some awesome moments. The Christmas stuff (both Flyers and Rangers) was a lot of fun. We have the Winter Classic in just days, with the Alumni Game touted to be brilliant (Bernie Parent, can it get much better?). We have half a season left (thank goodness) where anything can happen. I have no idea what the Flyers’ New Year resolutions will be (I’m hoping for a Giroux hat trick), but I have a few.

New Year Resolutions:

1. Obligatory lose weight/get healthier resolution

2. See Flyers game (not much of a resolution as that’s been the plan since the tickets went on sale: Jan. 14th in Nashville)

3. Attend at least two Rockford Icehogs games (I meant to this past semester, but time and opportunity ran away from me. Will do these upcoming months, hopefully when Danny Syvret shows up with Peoria)

4. Read and review more hockey-related books (and definitely some specific-Flyers ones)

There are others, probably, that I haven’t even thought out, but that’s a good start. New year, new slate, endless possibilities. Readers, it’s time to do something extraordinary. Or at least try something out of your norm. Because who knows? It might be the best year of your life. Start with enjoying the awesome Winter Classic weekend and you’re off to an excellent beginning.

Let’s Go Flyers!