Jagr speaks (in Czech), but answers not lost in translation

Here’s my latest article, which is a transcript of a CTK interview with Jaromír Jagr, supplemented with his other quotations.

On his birthday:
“It’s very difficult to celebrate in some way during the season. We have a lot of games and the only advantage is that we’re going to play a lot of games home and I think that reaching a certain age may not really be worth celebrating either. I’m not thinking about marriage. These things happen or they don’t. It’s about the heart, not about the mind. If you’re doing it just because you have it in your head you have to, then  it’s bad. There’s some higher power that helps to influence decisions on marriage or related stuff.

On his career and young guys:
“I think that I’m going to be able to play for a few years. And it certainly helps me that I’m here with a lot of young guys who think about life differently and it’s easier for me to come back to those times with them and they remind you of those days with their talks about all the stuff that you lived through. And you can’t talk too much to them about it because they couldn’t understand you. But it’s nice to reminisce about your youth and what you did when you were their age. I think that this helps me to think like a young man and not like an old one.

On this current Flyers team and CBA issues:
I think that we have a very good bunch of guys, probably one of the best I’ve played with. The CBA agreement between NHL and NHLPA will come to an end and it’s not certain if the league will continue or not but I hope that it will. That’s why it’s too early to speak about my contract extension. There will be new rules for signing and there’s no hurry then.

For a full video of the interview, hit the link.