A week or so ago, I was interviewed by a woman who was working on her thesis. The subject matter was female Philly Sports bloggers. Someone directed her to this site and I was fascinated by the opportunity to discuss with another woman about what I try to do here, so I volunteered. My name will be changed, but still, pretty cool.

We interviewed by gmail chat and she herself was into the Phillies, but knew a fair bit about the Flyers. I was her first non-resident Philly sports blogger. It was fun, detailing my journey to blogging for this site. Had I ever blogged before? Sure, personally. Was I into other sports? Nope, not even close. Who was my favorite player? and so on and so forth. We made jokes about the Philly press and I mock-blamed her for all the grief I get about Philly fans.

The interview lasted an hour and she even made me interested in knowing more about the Phillies. I’m not sure I could handle being involved on any level with another team and another sport. I’m barely keeping up with the Flyers this season.

In the course of the interview, there was the question, ‘anything else you feel like sharing?’ I told her, ‘I feel like a fraud.’

Pretty sure she wasn’t expecting that.

In truth, I do. I am not extraordinarily knowledgeable about hockey or specifically the Flyers. My history knowledge could fill a thimble, maybe. I love learning, I do. And I gained a lot of understanding my first year as a fan. The learning curve has flatlined a bit of late. I blame the job, first year teaching is keeping me permanently under the weather (I’ve been sick for months it seems) and extremely busy and stressed. I only get to see one live Flyers game this year after seeing three last year and a lot of game nights, I’m already in bed.

What kind of fan am I?

I check the highlights when I miss a game, read updates that Twitter shoots at me, and continue to talk hockey with a student of mine who has grown up with it. It’s not much, but it’s something.

I feel like perhaps all fans go through ups and downs, times where the passion is greater and times where the rest of life gets in the way. Just like the team has awesome stretches and not so awesome stretches of play.

Eventually, I might get a moment to learn more, report more and offer more, but for now, I like reading hockey books, sharing that info with you all and telling you about life in the trenches (Flyers fan not in Philly). And it seems to work.

Now, time to drink more tea and take more cold medicine. :)