New Book Time

With the magic of my Kindle Fire, I have gotten my next book to review. Due to my lack of hockey history, I’ve decided that it’s time to educate myself. Should I start with general hockey history or narrow it down?

Enter 100 Things Flyers Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die by Adam Kimelman.

Yes! Right? I have to defend myself constantly as a Flyers fan up here in Northern Illinois, I ought to know my stuff.

The book came out in 2010, so that might mean it’s dated, but we’ll see if that hinders it at all. The foreword is by Daniel Briere, which is nice and funny to me, because as I read it, I could hear him speaking it. I hope that doesn’t sound creepy. He just has a distinctive voice.

The book is divided into 100 parts, all numbered. The first is Bob Clarke and his legacy. The sixth is Somerdale Elementary School, where Pelle Lindbergh lost his life. I heard about Lindbergh early in my Flyers education and despite my newbie status, the section on him in the book was haunting.

Each section is only a few pages long, so it’s easy to pick up and then put down.

I’ll let you know what else I learn.