Wandell: “Shocked is the right word”

Nicklas Grossman

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The following is a translated excerpt from a story originally published on hockeysverige.se:

Södertälje guys Tom Wandell and Nicklas Grossman were not only teammates in Dallas Stars, they also shared the apartment. Last week, however, told that Grossman has surprisingly become traded to Philadelphia. Surprised is probably the wrong word. Shocked is it the right word, says Wandell to hockeysverige.se.

Dallas Stars have had a rough season in the NHL. Today, the team first in tenth place in the Eastern Conference and thus there is a clear summary that they miss the playoffs.

In the days did Dallas also get rid of one of the team’s key defensive players, Nicklas Grossman, who lost to the Philadelphia Flyers. The team has left two Swedish players in Dallas, Loui Eriksson and Tom Wandell.

Dallas Stars won Tuesday’s critical meeting with the Montreal Canadiens by 3-0, and whoever stood for the nail in the coffin was just Wandell. Hockeysverige.se had a chat with “Tommy,” as Tom called in the United States, from Tuesday’s match and the night’s meeting with the Chicago Blackhawks.

Were you surprised when Dallas Stars announced that it has sold Nicklas Grossman to the Philadelphia Flyers?
Surprised is probably the wrong word. Shocked is in place the right word. Above all, Nicklas was very shocked.

This came quite suddenly. Nicklas got a call at four o’clock in the afternoon that he was sold to the Flyers and that his plan would go there at eight o’clock that evening. This was while we were traveling to Phoenix for the game. It was only for Nicklas to pack the bags and throw himself on the plane.

Me and Nicklas was living here in Dallas so it was a good friend who moved the same time we became a Swedish smaller the team, which is sad.

Was Nicklas Grossman one of the defensive cogs in Dallas?
Absolutely. Nicklas is big and plays tough, which fits very well into our game. He also played a lot of penalty kill and did it really well. Of course he was a very important defensive cog for us.

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