Review: Five-Minute Major (In D Minor)

The Zambonis

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It’s hard to believe that a band that writes songs solely about hockey could amount to much more than a novelty act but The Zambonis did just that.

The Connecticut-based band has defied all odds and strung together a hockey-related career that has lasted significantly longer in North America than Pavel Brendl.

Since forming in 1991, The Zambonis released eight albums (from what I can gather), survived two lockouts, saw the NHL expand to 30 teams, and watched as numerous teams relocated, included the band members’ favorite, Hartford Whalers.

FIve Minute Major (In D Minor) pays tribute to the defunct franchise by opening with a cover of “Brass Bonanza”. From there, the band goes on to prove exactly how it has stayed relevant for over twenty years, by compensating for the limited scope of subject material with eclectic musical stylings and catchy hooks that embed themselves deeply in your brain.

While writing songs exclusively about hockey will inevitably lead to campy titles like, “I Got A Concussion (When I Fell For You)”, The Zambonis exhibit a great deal of skill in their songs that, when mixed with their pop sensibilities and sense of humor, establishes the band as hockey’s version of They Might Be Giants.

It’s fitting that The Zambonis covered Atom and His Package‘s “Goalie”, as the band played the song with Atom at his final show.

The Zambonis embody the spirit of hockey. The band is dedicated, fiercely loyal, and appeals to a small but underrated niche market. Familiarizing yourself with The Zambonis is officially a must for all hockey fans.

The Zambonis play Kung Fu Necktie in Philadelphia on March 10.

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     They rock!, though their fantasy hockey play needs work.