Flyers Fans Book Review Part One

When you start a new hobby, or obsession (more apropos in my case), there is a lot of information to learn right off the bat. When my best friend Pam introduced me to hockey and subsequently, the Flyers, a lot of names came hurtling my way. Present Flyers, past Flyers, trades, etc. I heard names like Lindros, Pelle, Hextall, Clarke and I’m one of those people who has to see things to remember them. Just hearing stuff doesn’t stick in my mind.

So I knew about Pelle Lindbergh and who Bob Clarke was (I now can recognize him both from the 70s and now). No clue who Eric Lindros could be or who/what the Legion of Doom was; it’s a lot to try and master.

This book, 100 Things Flyers Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die, is helping me bridge the gap. I know why and where Pelle Lindbergh died, and I know enough about him to feel like someone punched me in the gut when the tragedy is mentioned. I know that Jim Montgomery who only played 13 games with the Flyers coined the title, “Legion of Doom.” I understand more fully why Flyers really hate Sidney Crosby (more than just in-state rivalry).

I know that Jack Chevalier and Pete Cafone of the Philadelphia Bulletin came up with “Broad Street Bullies.”

I’m feeling pretty awesome with all this knowledge brimming in my brain. More to come!!