Unabashed gushing, praise

Pub Quiz

Image courtesy CSNPhilly.com

The original motivation for starting Flyers Faithful was a simple one.

Over the years of participating in hockey forums and discussing hockey with friends and colleagues, it became apparent that there were incredibly talented people with brilliant hockey minds who did not have a  venue to share their insights. Given my background as a web development and in journalism, I felt that I could put together a site that would give them such an opportunity.

It was an honor to have people I greatly respected respond with great enthusiasm about helping me launch Flyers Faithful, but what soon followed really blew me away.

Avid hockey fans and bloggers such as David Strehle, Ladyneat, Teemu Hytonen, and others voluntarily spread the word of the existence of our site, as well as our presence on Twitter and Facebook.

Then, Geoff Detweiler and Travis Hughes posted links to our stories on Broad Street Hockey and sent a great deal of traffic to FlyersFaithful.com.

Soon, the likes of Sarah Baicker, Stephen Whyno, Anthony SanFilippo, Bill Meltzer, and other highly respected members of the Flyers media willingly took time out of their busy schedules to contribute posts and do interviews for our site (our most recent Five Questions series was a star-studded affair!).

Bloggers gave us feedback, offered their ideas, re-posted links to our stories, and did whatever else they could to help us get established and grow.

For all of the negative feedback and bad reputation that Philly fans and media members get, I can honestly say that I have yet to personally encounter any such issues. In fact, it has been quite the opposite.

Part of our mission at Flyers Faithful is to promote the concepts of community and family and that is, to some extend, due to the fact that we were so graciously accepted into the Philadelphia blogging community and fan family and allowed to grow.

These ideals were truly put on display during all of the events prior to and including Monday’s pub quiz fundraiser at Fado for the Ed Snider Youth Hockey Foundation.

Every sponsor I asked to donate to the cause happily obliged.

Jinxed, Hockey Giant, Dan Miller of State Farm, Fado, Rocco’s Collision, Lee’s of Bala Cynwyd, Animo, Isgro’s, and Dad’s Stuffings donated money to pay for shirts and promotional materials.

Brew Your Own Bottle and Rebel Goat Brewing Company collaborated to create Classic Winter Lagr.

Broad Street Bootlegs, Jinxed, and Awesome Dudes worked together to make the shirts.

Yelp, ESYHF, Foobooz, Philly Tap Finder, My Philly Alive, and countless others promoted the event in any way possible.

The Philadelphia Association of Sports Trivia assembled the questions for the trivia.

Don Lowing donated an amazing ice sculpture and shot luge.

Rory Killeen gave up a night to run the pub quiz and seamlessly managed the process like a true professional.

Molly Coulter from Fado went well above and beyond what was expected to promote the event, theme it accordingly, and easily handle any curve ball we threw her way.

Scott Tharp donated a signed Chris Pronger jersey and four Flyers club box seats and a private tour of the Wells Fargo Center to auction off at the event.

Sarah Baicker brought out a camera crew to film the event for CSN Philly.

The list goes on and on, including but not limited to all of the other writers/bloggers/Twitter users who spread the word of this event.

It was an honest revelation of just how generous and giving Philadelphians actually are. Stories of such unselfishness and willingness to help one another deserve the attention that the few bad eggs who give Philadelphia a bad reputation get.

I am eternally grateful for and truly humbled by everyone’s participation in our first fundraising event and excited to see how these events evolve in the future.

We were able to raise $887 for the ESYHF and hope to to double that total in November when we hold our next pub quiz at Fado. In the meantime, we will be hosting a roller hockey tournament, an ice hockey tournament, and an NHL ’94 tournament this year to raise more money.

While such events certainly have their perks — like winning money or beer — it is the sense of community that envelopes them is what is most remarkable.

I am never prouder of being a Philly fan than I am in these moments, when people’s innate altruism transcends all else.