Preview – Goon

So, apparently, according to the million (slight exaggeration) hockey-related people I follow online, Goon has already come out in the Philadelphia/East Coast area. I asked weeks ago if I could review it on here.

But it’s not released yet where I live in the middle of the country even though I live within a decent drive from Chicago which does host a hockey team, one that isn’t irrelevant.

Okay, so I’m terribly annoyed.

But as I cannot do a thing until it comes out (end of this month) here. So until then, here you go. And yes, I’m excited about the film without having really high expectations.



(official trailer on youtube)

  • Jimmytrashtalk

    That actually looks good.

    • Eden Newman

      I’ve seen some positive responses about it. I’m sure going in with low expectations is always a good idea. :)