Ron Genest: Hockey Art With Heart

Ron Genest may not be a household name. You won’t see his artwork hanging in museums, and you won’t find it for sale in art galleries.

But Genest’s work doesn’t need accolades or fanfare to be recognized as great, because his pieces have one thing that not every piece of art does – they’ve got heart.

Genest grew up in Massena, New York, the breeding grounds of minor hockey back when he was younger. Hockey was a way of life in Massena, a town close to the border with Canada and the province of Ontario, and with that region’s cold Winters, naturally Genest grew up playing on outdoor ice.

An artist since childhood, his love of pond hockey and his experiences playing inspired him to create paintings that brought that love and experience to life.

Over the years, he did artwork for others, but it wasn’t until he retired in 2003 that he turned his craft into more of a hobby. And soon, he turned it into a business, putting his artwork out there and selling it online.

In 2008, Genest came up with “The Rematch,” inspired by the Pittsburgh Penguins’ loss to the Detroit Red Wings in that year’s Stanley Cup finals. The painting depicts a group of children, including one in a Mario Lemieux jersey and one in a Sidney Crosby jersey, approaching the ice for a rematch of that series.

There are three other paintings in the “Rematch” series – a rematch of the 2010 Winter Classic between the Philadelphia Flyers and the Boston Bruins, one of the 2010 Stanley Cup Finals between the Flyers and the Chicago Blackhawks, and one of the 2012 Winter Classic between the Flyers and the New York Rangers.

Genest has various original pieces – such as those in the “Rematch” series – available for purchase, but he also does custom paintings as well. A customer favorite is the “Dream Walking” painting, which depicts a boy walking along a snowy path, carrying his hockey equipment over his shoulder, en route to a pond hockey game.

“Dream Walking” can be customized with a specific number, name, jersey, and hair style. Genest has even received requests for a person’s pet to be included in their custom painting!

Every one of Genest’s pieces has a story connected to it, and an emotion that goes along with it. If you’re a fan of hockey and a fan of the feeling you get when you watch or when you play, you’re going to love his work.

(Flyers fans, you’ll especially love THIS print, featuring a father and son sporting Claude Giroux and Eric Lindros jerseys as they make their way to a pond hockey game.)

Genest’s artwork is available for sale on his website, as well as on the Genest Art shop on Etsy.