Which player may not return to the Flyers?

Matt Carle

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Due to a number of variables such as cap limitations and prospect development, it’s likely that at least one important player will not be a Flyer next season. Who will it be?

Which player, if any, is least likely to return to the Flyers next season?

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  • Bduffy428

    carle has to stay make it work holmgren

  • Kyle

    All the idiots who make up the “H8 Matt Carle” Fan Club are going to realize how important he really is to this the defense. Homer needs to make Carle priority #1 this off-season.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joe-Hollingsworth/1175973804 Joe Hollingsworth

    Voracek should be priority #1, he gives nothing less than 100% effort every game. One of the best players on this team most nights, even when he doesn’t find his way onto the score sheet. 

    I see Jagr staying here 1 more year before moving on, he absolutely loves Giroux and that may just save the Flyers some money.

    I don’t think Matt Carle should be re-signed (unless he’s willing to take a pay cut),hes not bad, just mediocre at best. You would think after spending 6 seasons in the NHL, (and at the age of 27) a player with that much experience would have no problem playing with a rookie/lower experienced  defenseman. For Matt Carle though it’s clearly too much of a burden, and looks absolutely lost on the ice more often than not. Carle only plays a decent game mostly when paired with an older defenseman. I have not missed a single game on TV this season and have attended nearly every home game, so I’m not looking at stats here.

    • Kyle

       Carle has had a terrific season for being chained to Gus/Manning/MAB. He isn’t a “shutdown dman” that everyone is begging for. Everyone kills him for TO’s. Well do you watch the great shutdown Dman every game? They turn the puck over more than Carle does. He’s a good offensive-dman who Homer needs to keep. If you frame an argument around Carle needs an older dman, you’re selling yourself short and not giving Carle the credit he deserves. Next you’ll say, “Homer needs to sign Ryan S00ter!!”

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joe-Hollingsworth/1175973804 Joe Hollingsworth

        I watch everything happening on the ice, I even go back and watch a few games over again. Carle is not worth a huge chunk of the salary cap, which is what he’ll be asking for in the upcoming off-season. Nearly the same situation as Leino, so many good players around him that it makes him look like he’s worth the $. And Screw Ryan Suter, I didn’t want him before the deadline and I don’t want him now. You were probably one of the many whiners that were upset we didn’t give Leino a contract. 

        • Kyle

          Nah, I was content with letting Leino walk. Carle, is an important part of the defense on both sides of the puck. He’s a $3.5m cap hit now. An increase to $5m/yr for 3 seasons wouldn’t be an awful contract. Put aside your bias then pass judgement. He’s having a great year for a guy who had to play with shit. Carle is worth a $4m-$5m cap hit per year & his numbers back that up.