RICE & MICE: Flyers current injury status

The first three injuries are those that are not expected to come back this season.

Blair Betts has missed the entire season with a knee injury. From the sounds of things, he will likely not return to the Flyers or the NHL.

Ian Laperriere has also missed the entire season and will not likely return to playing.

Chris Pronger is out for the season with post concussion syndrome.

After hearing that Pronger was struggling so much with the post concussion syndrome, his presence at the Flyers playoff clinching game is a good sign that he’s possibly feeling better. Then again, he may have just been in town to check in with some the specialists that he’s been seeing. Howard Eskin tweeted that Pronger was upbeat and had made some progress, but the Flyers organization maintain that things have not changed much for Pronger. That may just mean that he is still out for the season, or it may mean that he is still not feeling well.

The next three injured players may or may not make a return this season and this likely depends upon how far the Flyers go in the playoffs.

Andrej Meszaros has been out of commission since Holmgren announces in early March that he will miss an estimated 6-to-8 weeks after surgery to remove a disc fragment from his back. Though his rehab started about a week after the surgery, the earliest he could be back is the second round of the playoffs.  

Tom Sestito has been out since February following surgery to repair a torn muscle in his groin. He was expected to miss 6-to-8 weeks which puts his return near the end of the regular season. However, since the groin is so very crucial to skating, I’m not sure how effective he can be if or when he returns for the Flyers.

Finally, James van Riemsdyk has been out since having surgery to put a plate in place to reinforce a fractured bone in his foot. He was expected to miss 4-6 weeks. His earliest return is next week and at the latest (barring setbacks) he will miss the first round of the playoffs.

Last, but certainly not least, the day-to-day and questionable injuries.

Kimmo Timonen is day-today with an upper body injury. He will miss Thursday’s game in Toronto and will not make the trip with the team. Holmgren said this was planned and I expected something like this to happen as Timonen himself admitted that once his ironman streak of 248 games had ended, he would be much more likely to rest his body and miss games when needed.

Ilya Bryzgalov is day-to-day with a chip fracture in his foot. He will also miss Thursday’s game in Toronto. The only way to treat this type of injury is to manage pain until the body takes care of absorbing the bone chip. I don’t expect that Bryz will miss any extended time for this. The chip is not very big and 2 separate x-rays did not pick it up. The good thing is an MRI was needed in order to find the chip while also (I’m assuming) ruling out a hairline fracture.

Andreas Lilja is questionable to play on Thursday due to an upper body injury and will make the trip with the team.