Behind The Crest: Prelude

When people think about hockey players, they tend to think about a player’s skill set and statistics. They’ll think about how he performs in certain situations, his record in the playoffs, and where he fits best in the lineup. It’s all about the game, and for some fans, just knowing about that is enough.

But every athlete comes with two sides: the player, and the man. Behind that tough and aggressive exterior lies a human being. Some of these men are husbands, fathers, sons, and brothers. They have more responsibilities than just scoring goals or protecting the net. And there is much more to them than their numbers on the scorecards.

Most fans don’t ever get to see the human side of their favorite players. We’re hoping to change that.

Over the next few weeks, you’ll get the opportunity to learn about some of your favorite Flyers from the people who know them the best – their families.

Each Thursday, we’ll be posting a new feature on a specific Flyers player and their lives away from the game.

This series will provide you with an exclusive look at some of the most famous men to wear the Flyers’ crest. Stay tuned…