Flyers Faithful Podcast: Instant Playoff Overreaction Ep. 2, Don’t Get Cocky Kid

Oswald Malkinpot laughs at you Philadelphia! (Photoshop courtesy of @JeffEhrmann on Twitter)

On this special playoff edition of the Flyers Faithful podcast, Steve and Hal discuss games 2 and 3 of the Flyers’ playoff series with the Pittsburgh Penguins, especially the shenanigans of game 3!



Flyers Faithful Podcast Instant Playoff Overreaction Ep. 2

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  • Bduffy428

    awesome works guys. never posted before but always read the stuff, thanks a lot. i live in asia so its sites like this that keep me alive

  • Rickard Elfström

    Just started listening at your pod so im listening back from the begining. And i remember the Penguins series. Accualy a friend stoped following Penguins as hes team after Crybaby did keep on running away when someone was going to take him out. He said he couldt stand for a team that had sutcha whining guy.