Jaromir Jagr discusses the playoff battle against the Pittsburgh Penguins

Jaromir Jagr

Image courtesy Courier Post Online

Below, is a translation of an article originally posted on iSport.cz by Jaromir Jagr.

I’m glad that we’re leading 3-0 against the Pittsburght Penguins. But I’ve experienced many things in the playoffs so it’s over when it’s really over… So we have to gain the one point. And am I surprised with the number of goals? I have no illusions about the playoffs. I don’t care if I was wrong or not with my guess when it’s over. I take it as a fact.

And I experience it without emotions. I try to avoid provoking. It’s not good to be too high or too low or rejoice too much or to be sad.

At least that works for me. I want to stay focused on things which I can control and I want to have a balanced psyche. What happens, a man has to be on top of things. There is no other way. Otherwise I would be smiling 20 times and I would be crying 10 times during the match.

There is a lot of talk about Sidney Crosby and his on-ice stuff right now. Someone cares too much someone cares less. And I don’t care, I ignore that.

He’s hurting only himself. But people are different and maybe it helps him to get into the game and to play better.

But I don’t want to judge it, I ignore that. Even I don’t know that this is happening on the ice. I really want to focus on my game in order to help my team.

And the situation when Crosby threw Voras’ (Voracek’s) glove? Well, man grabbed it a little further.

I know that not everybody takes it like I do. And that’s okay. That’s what the team is about. Every player is different and team needs someone who calms things down but on the other side the team needs someone with emotional experience.

If everyone had been like me, they would have done whatever they want with us. On the other side if everyone had been so emotional, we would have sat in the sin bin all the time. So this is what the team is about.

Personally I don’t care about the whole Crosby thing. I don’t even know what written about him. From my point of view we should don’t care about it, we should play our style of hockey and we should have the same good bunch of guys like we have during the regular season. Don’t fix anything.

We are going to play next game on Wednesday and I don’t want to guess how that one ends. Naturally we want to win but the most important thing is to know that everyone play on his edge. And I believe that if we can play on the edge we will win. It depends only on our team.

As for me I don’t look at my stats, at how many points I score, at if I had some good pass in the game. Simply I try to play my best, that’s all. Moreover I didn’t play so much because there were too many penalties and I had less ice time then. So I don’t consider that there’s a playoff either.

But I don’t complain. On the contrary I believe that if we can advance that would help me. I was always exhausted after the first four games, but now I’m not.

But it bothers me that I have to pedal on a bicycle; I’m done after the bicycle more than after the game itself.

Earlier I was used to play 22 minutes so now when I’m playing less; I want to catch it up with one minute sprints with the highest gear and with as many turns as possible.

I cycle for one minute; I have a rest for another. It depends on how much I play. When I play 12 minutes, I sprint for another 10. To make it even. I know that maybe the time will come and I will have to play 22 minutes per game. And If I won’t continue with my sprints, I can’t make it. I know that.

So that’s why I introduced this cycling method. But it costs so much power. It’s worse than a game. And moreover when I see that others are gone. And I’m still cycling… But I do this to myself because I know that it’s necessary.