Dear Flyers,

I am sick. Which is not your fault by any means. It’s been this way since I started teaching. So I don’t blame you for that.

I do blame you for the emotional upheaval I’ve been dealing with this last week. Last Wednesday? Never again. I can’t take that. Don’t forget that I live in non-Flyers country and having to defend you on a daily basis is wearing. When you go and do insane things like Game 4, it makes it even worse.

So, finish it tonight, Flyers. Every single fan knows what this team is capable of. We want to see it.

Kick ass.



  • Dave Snyder

    I had people put How bout them Flyers in a presentation yesterday just for me. Then at the bottom it said (10-3). I go to school south of buffalo so it’s a Sabres and even Pens area.. ugh

    • Eden Newman

      I hate when people are like that. My sympathies for such an experience.

  • Matt

    I lived in Pittsburgh for eight years as a Flyers fan. It wasn’t a big deal until 2007. I moved shortly thereafter.

    • Eden Newman

      smart idea. :)