2012 Ice Hockey Tournament Fundraiser

An ice hockey game from 1901

Image courtesy Wikimedia

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What: A four-team, four-game ice hockey tournament
When: Saturday, June 30 from 3:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.
Where: Flyers Skate Zone in Pennsauken
Why: To raise money for the Ed Snider Youth Hockey Foundation
How much: Registration will cost $50 per player
What else:

  1. Four media personalities — Sarah Baicker, Eklund, Dave Isaac, and Dustin Leed — will captain each of the teams.
  2. You will be asked to honestly evaluate your ice hockey skills as part of the registration process. Needless to say, you must know how to play ice hockey and own all of the necessary equipment to play.
  3. The four team captains will draft the teams. The draft will likely be held on Friday, June 29 at one of the bars we anticipate will sponsor the event.
  4. Participants will be asked to attend the draft.
  5. Each player will receive a free team jersey, sponsored by a local establishment, as part of event participation.
  6. The tournament will follow a simple formant. The losing team in each of the first two games will play in a consolation game. Then, the winning team in each of the first two games will play in the championship game.
  7. The winning team will receive $500.
  8. We may also have a banner or plaque made up to commemorate the winners of each annual ice hockey tournament.
  9. Participants will only be able to register as individuals and a registrant’s spot is not guaranteed until the registration fee is paid.
  10. We will have more details on potential giveaways, perks, etc. coming soon.
  11. Registrants must be 18 or older to participate but should be over 21, since we are holding the draft at a bar.
  12. Each team will consist of 16 players (nine forwards, six defenders, and one goalie). That number also includes the team captain.
  13. If the demand is great enough to have eight total goalies, we will expand registration to include two goalies per team.
  14. This is a co-ed tournament.
How can I check to see my registration status?
Click hereto view information our spreadsheet with information on who has registered.How come I can’t register as a goalie?
All of our goalie spots were gone within an hour. Sorry. If you’d like to play, you’ll have to play as a forward or a defenseman.Do you need volunteers?
We do need volunteers, but not many. Since this is a small tournament, we could use two referees, a linesman, and someone to work the scoreboard.I registered but didn’t pay. Now I can’t figure out how to pay for my spot. How do I do that?
Get in touch with us and we will tell you where to send a PayPal payment.

Can’t I just pay you in cash at the tournament?
The only way to guarantee your registration is to pay and the only way we are accepting payments is through PayPal. Sorry.

Do I need to know how to play hockey and have all the equipment to play in this tournament?
Yes, you do.

Will there be any food or beverages provided at the tournament?
The Skate Zone has vending machines and I believe they will have food for sale as well (don’t quote me on that). I recommend that you bring a filled water bottle with you at the very least.

Are the rules all set for the tournament?
No, not yet. We will tweak them over the next few weeks.

  1. Game length: Two twenty-minute halves with fifteen minutes built-in intermissions and five minutes to warm up.
  2. Checking: Not allowed. You will receive a two-minute penalty or be tossed from the game depending upon the severity of the hit.
  3. Fighting: Not allowed. You will be thrown out of the tournament for fighting.
  4. Equipment: Every player needs a full set of ice hockey equipment.
  5. Games will be played 5-on-5.
  6. Offsides is not allowed.
  7. Each goal will result in a faceoff at center ice.
  8. More rules to come soon.


45th Street Pub
U.S. Hotel Bar and Grill
Pitcher's Pub
The Irish Mile

  • Shutz21

    Is there an estimated date as to when this registration will open?

    • http://flyersfaithful.com Marcello

      My goal is to open registration this week. Between the roller hockey tournament over the weekend and starting a new job this week, I haven’t had time to set it up yet. Check back around Thursday.

      • Shutz21

        Thanks for the response.  I look forward to participation.  How did the roller tournament go?

        • http://flyersfaithful.com Marcello

          Great! The rain held out and we had good weather. There were lots of really good games. The championship game was a barnburner. 

          • http://profile.yahoo.com/BPI3CH7U2BD3H6IHDEMVPGTCII John

            Good luck with the ice tournament. The roller tourney was a blast…maybe another one in the fall to start the season?

          • http://flyersfaithful.com Marcello

            Thanks! We’ll definitely do one again next year. I just don’t know when yet.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=595583662 Daniel Milani

    Does “Offsides not allowed.” == NHL Offsides rule?

    • http://flyersfaithful.com Marcello

      At this point, it’s all a little vague. I still need to find refs and then we’ll tweak the rules.

  • Shutz21

    Is my Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) membership a substitute for the USA Hockey membership?

    • http://flyersfaithful.com Marcello De Feo

      Neither is necessary. We are just curious.

    • http://flyersfaithful.com Marcello

      Neither is necessary. We were just curious.

  • flashingleather

    no goalie spots left?

    • http://flyersfaithful.com Marcello De Feo

      No, sorry. Those spots filled up in about an hour.

    • http://flyersfaithful.com Marcello

      Nope. Sorry. They went in about an hour.

  • Fabskater

    Have all the teams been filled up? Will more teams be added if additional people want to join up? 

    • http://flyersfaithful.com Marcello

      There are still a couple of forward spots left and plenty of spots on defense. We will be sticking with four teams for this go around and will reevaluate how to handle it for next year after this this tournament is over.

  • Nalice

    What’s the overall skill level your looking for ?

    • http://flyersfaithful.com Marcello

      We’ll have people at all sorts of skill levels but I would recommend that you should feel comfortable playing with some fairly skilled people if you are going to register.

  • Justin Fenico

    Think you guys can post the Pay Pal link. I was about to pay but my login time expired.

    • http://flyersfaithful.com Marcello

      Justin, I’ll email you.

  • Lauren Patterson

    i’m bummed i wanted to play, no goalies spots :/

    • http://flyersfaithful.com Marcello


    • Kenny DelGrosso

      If I hear anything of a goalie dropping out, I will let you know

  • Ammo23

    No forward spots left?

    • http://flyersfaithful.com Marcello

      Nope. All that’s left is a couple of spots on D right now.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000051835178 James Casey

    my son plays for ESYHF travel team at the mite level as a goalie.  I want to thank you for putting together these events to benifit the foundation.  I am interested in playing in the tournament but was wondering what the average skill level will be.  I havent played on ice in years but still playing roller.  Ice skating ability is probably around a 5 or 6…also want to make sure there are still spots left to join.  Thanks for the info….

    • http://flyersfaithful.com Marcello

      Hi James, we’re happy to help! The skill level varies from player to player. There will be as many good players out there as novices. There are still spots available. You can click the “Registation” tab above to register.

  • Kenny DelGrosso

    Do you know where the draft will be on the 29th?

    • http://flyersfaithful.com Marcello De Feo

      Nothing is set in stone yet but it looks like it might be the Victory Beer Hall at Xfinity Live.

    • http://flyersfaithful.com Marcello

      It will likely be at 45th Street Pub in Pennsauken. The post-game celebration will be at The Irish Mile in Westmont. They’re apparently hooking us up big time.

  • kfray42

    when will the draft be? what time of night?

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  • shutz21

    Are there any definite times / location for the draft this week?

  • John Hughes

    Nice Job on the Tourney….. Hope there are more to come… Congrats to all teams for participation for a great cause. Especially Team Eklund who has bragging rights until the next one !! Great Teammates…