Preview: Ice Hockey Made Simple: A Spectator’s Guide


Before you immediately roll your eyes because why on Earth would you (Flyers fan of many years), ever want to read something entitled: Ice Hockey Made Simple: A Spectator’s Guide, let me offer an explanation.

How often do you get into conversations that come around to the other person saying something like, “I don’t watch hockey, I can’t follow the puck, I don’t understand it, It’s all fighting,” etc. and so on? And you probably argue or sigh heavily because why on earth do people not understand how awesome the game of hockey is?

It’s a problem. And it’s true that to a newbie, the game of hockey and the rules is a bit like approaching a quantum physics book when your best subject was spelling in elementary school. Completely foreign.

I’ve only been watching hockey since February 2010 and I cannot catch penalties before they are called. I am thrilled when I see an off-sides before it’s called, same with an icing. But it took me a really, really, really long time to be able to see that. Just following the puck took several game watchings because that little disc of rubber is fast.

Trying to explain the game to someone who’s never watched before is difficult. It’s not an easy to play, easy to watch sport. And I, personally, would like everyone I know and love to love hockey as much as I do.

Enter: Ice Hockey Made Simple: A Spectator’s Guide by P.J. Harari and Dave Ominisky. It’s not a long book, only 125 pages, so it’s un-intimidating to offer to someone who might be on the fence about hockey.

Is it the perfect introduction to initiating someone into the world of hockey spectating? That remains to be seen. I’ll let you know.

  • John Lusky

    Thought you were actually going to teach us how to explain hockey quickly and easily to people who ask. Someone needs to write that column.

    • Eden Newman

      Maybe I will. After I read this book. :)