The definitive guide to the Flyers Faithful and Broad Street Hockey Roller Hockey Tournament

Cracks in Rink 2

Cracks in Rink 2


While Rink 1 is in great condition and was recently resurfaced, money is still being raised to resurface Rink 2. You can see from the image above that it has some crack which would make play it difficult to play with a puck.

The rinks have scoreboards, a public address system, benches, clubhouses, bleachers, and lights.

Getting There

The rinks at Wesley Bishop Park are located at  N. Church Street & Twosome Drive in Moorestown, NJ. If you are driving east on Church Street, you will see a skateboard park on your right. The entrance to the rinks is right after. Turn right onto a dirt road and follow it to the right. Google Maps may send you the wrong way. See this link for more information.


Rain Date

The forecast calls for rain on Saturday but we will do everything we can to play through it. If it is a torrential downpour and we cannot play, the rain date is May 19-20. If you’re unsure if the tournament is canceled or not, get in touch. I get emails on my phone and will be able to respond immediately.


  • Game length: Two 15-minute periods with one-minute intermissions and five minutes to warm up.
  • Checking: Not allowed. You will receive a two-minute penalty or be tossed from the game depending upon the severity of the hit. This is a zero-tolerance charity event. Please keep that in mind at all times.
  • Fighting: Not allowed. You will be thrown out of the tournament for fighting.
  • Equipment: Every skater needs skates and a stick. We recommend a cup, shin pads, gloves, and a helmet as well. Goalies need full equipment.
  • Games will be played 4-on-4 with a ball.
  • Offsides is not allowed (Only blatant cherry picking will be called. Refs won’t nitpick.)
  • Each goal will result in a faceoff at center ice.
  • Teams must be on time or run the risk of forfeiting their game. It is recommended that you show up 15-30 minutes before your schedule game time.


The winning team will get the trophy pictured above as well as $1,000.

We will also hold a 50/50 raffle at the tournament, where half of the money raised will go to the person with the winning raffle ticket and the other half will go to the Ed Snider Youth Hockey Foundation. The cost of a ticket is $1, seven tickets for $5, or 15 tickets for $10.


If you suggested at any point that you would be willing referee, please check the Referee document listed above. Some refereeing spots are still available. If you are able to ref, please let us know. We purchased referee shirts and whistles for the volunteers to use during games. This way you can look official. (Woo, double entendres!)


Each team should bring a light and a dark jersey or shirt.


ConAgra foods donated energy bars. Wegmans donated bananas and bottled water. All of this will be available free of charge to participants. Additionally, the Patty Wagon food truck will be there from Saturday morning on, offering breakfast and lunch foods for sale.


Wesley Bishop Park has baseball fields, a skate park, a playground and much more to offer as a way to kill time in between games or for families. So, feel free to bring a baseball bat and glove or other sporting equipment if you’d like.


Of the 24 total teams, 22 teams have registered and paid. Four other teams (J-Dogs, Sik Wid It, Vemschnup and Hihiho) have not paid and are not guaranteed spots. The next two teams to pay, whether it is one of the previously mentioned four or a new team, gets the spot. Otherwise, we will switch the tournament to a 22-team format.


For more information, see the original event post or get in touch.

  • Daniel Allen

    Can’t wait for this thing.

  • mike

    there now is a 20% chance of rain on saturday! it better not rain, alot of guys have been waiting for this to happen a long time haha

    • Marcello De Feo

      Heh. I’m right there with you, Mike. Even if it rains lightly, we’ll still play. Our only concern will be if it’s a heavy and long downpour.

      One of the funnest games of roller hockey I ever played was in a schoolyard during a terrible rainstorm. The rink flooded and we were all hacking at the puck just to move it up the water but it was a great time and a pretty cool experience.

  • BroadStreetBully

    Awesome. You sure you want to roll only one ref at a time? I’d be willing to be the second man on. Also, yeah, rain? Whats the protocol if it does? I’d rather not drive an hour and a half to find out it’s cancelled. 

    • BroadStreetBully

      Also, yeah. XXL <3

      • Marcello

        For the jersey? I got one Large and one XL but they look pretty big.

        • BroadStreetBully

          The zebra shirt. I’m 6’5″ and nearly 300lbs. XXL’s fit, XL’s, not so much. I suppose it’s not all that important, I’ll be the only guy not on skates or wearing a team color, that should stand out enough.

          • Marcello

            I’ll see what I can do. I don’t have much time before the tournament but if I can locate one and pick it up, I will.

          • BroadStreetBully

            Awesome, thanks. I’ll try to show up a bit early so we can go over how you want it run, figure the first 4 hours is gonna set the standard for the day.

    • Marcello

      I’d prefer to have two refs but I’m not sure we have enough people. I’m waiting to hear back from some people. I definitely want to double up for the important games, like the championship game, and I think we can do that. 

      As for the rain, we’ll play through anything light to moderate but if it’s coming down heavy, get in touch with me (through email, twitter, facebook, post comment) if I haven’t posted anything about a cancellation yet and I’ll let you know. 

      • BroadStreetBully

        I’m more then willing to stick around after my 4 hours to double up.

        • Marcello


  • Matt

    how long before our first game do we have to be there?if our first game isn’t until later we don’t have to be there at 8 right?