Point/Counterpoint: Root for the hated division rival or Western Conference team?

Who would you rather root for? (Photo via of NHL.com)

Welcome to the newest edition of “Point/Counterpoint,” where a pair of Flyers Faithful scribes present both sides of one particular issue with their own unique view and flair.

This week, Jim H. and Dain S. square off over who Flyers fans should root for in the Stanley Cup Finals, a hated division rival or the Western Conference team who we have no feelings for either way but who happens to employ a half-dozen people who used to play/work for the Flyers organization.

First up, Jim: It’s the age old question, especially for Flyers fans…root for the team that beat you or root against them?

If that team wins it all ,did you get steamrolled by fate or did they steal your own fate?
It’s with these thoughts that I ponder this years 2012 Stanley Cup Finals: Kings vs Devils. It’s a tough one on so many levels. Normally, I feel no connection to whatever West Coast team makes it yet this year a hot goalie and a handful of ex-Flyers make for an appealing option.
That said, I choose to root for a hated division rival. Let’s face it, the Devils are playing some old school hockey ,the kind Flyers fans can appreciate.  There’s also the begrudging respect that I have for that old dog Martin Brodeur. You kind of want to see the guy put a stopper on the high flying Kings.
All season, we’ve been high on the big move between L.A. and Philly in the off season. The Kings winning would put a damper on the season by saying, ” We got the better deal”.
I’m sorry, I just can’t have that. Go Devils! ( I just threw up a little in my mouth.)
Dain: I have heard many professional athletes and coaches say, “I hate losing more than I enjoy winning.”
That’s how I feel about losing to the Devils in the playoffs. I hate them. I hate their fans, their arena, the crappy city they play in, their colors, everything. How could I root for them or the Rangers or the Penguins? I despise those teams with every fiber of my being. This is not a hate that is born out of a knee jerk reaction, this is hate forged in the battle of long time division foes who for decades have fought for Lord Stanley’s Cup. The principal object of our hatred might change,but we have always hated our division rivals with such passion, that to root for one of them borders on sacrilege.
Add to it that the Kings are also known as “Flyers West” with their large amount of ex-Flyers in the front office, behind the bench and on the ice, well, for me it’s a no-brainer. I don’t care if a Kings Stanley Cup means they “won” the Richards trade. They didn’t. It was a good trade for both teams and time will bear that out. All I care about really is that the Devils, a bankrupt franchise devoid of a real fan base, does not win another Stanley Cup.
Go Kings go!