Flyers must go all in for Weber


Not only would the Flyers get Weber but they'd also get the Beard of Awesomeness

Caveat: It would take a lot to get Shea Weber out of Nashville as the Predators will do everything in their power to keep him.

But that does not mean that the Flyers shouldn’t try their damnedest to get him.

The fact of the matter is that Weber is an elite defensive talent that is the biggest missing piece standing between the Flyers and a Stanley Cup parade.

Few players could realistically fill the void left by Chris Pronger. Weber is one of the select few and is just entering the prime of his career to boot.

What reason do the Flyers have for not cashing in their chips to land Weber?

Should the organization live in fear of losing out on James van Riemsdyk before a potential breakout year or giving up valuable young pieces like Brayden Schenn or Sean Couturier?

No. Not at all and there’s one simple reason why: The Flyers organization is most skilled at finding and developing offensive talents. Defense and goaltending, on the other hand, are areas where the organization has a thin historical track record at producing top-flight NHL talents. So, they must poach such players from organization.

It’s far from a new trend. One needs to look no further than the current defensive lineup to realize that. The acquisition of Weber should serve a continuation of that trend.

If the Flyers had to part ways with, say, Schenn and van Riemsdyk as part of a deal that would allow them to acquire Weber and re-sign Matt Carle, the team should do it in a heartbeat.

Wait, Carle?

Yes, Carle. While fans squabble over whether Carle is a good defender, the two opposing camps have similar views.

Camp A: Carle == Ryan Suter.

Camp B: Carle played at his best when paired with a healthy Pronger.

Either perspective would make Carle an ideal defensive partner for Weber. Weber would make him better as, well, he did for Suter. Additionally, retaining a key component to much-needed defensive depth would allow aging or ailing players like Kimmo Timonen to play reduced minutes while maximizing effectiveness.

Adding Weber, regardless of the cost, would immediately have a positive effect on the defense, goaltending, and offense. There are few players out there that become even remotely available at this stage of their career that could make such an impact on all three areas of the game.

To settle for a plan B would be nothing shy of foolish and short-sighted.

  • Craig Phillips

    I agree that attempting to get Weber this off season – or rather, anytime during the coming season – is paramount. At least try. But, for all we know Holmgren already has or is.

    I can actually see a Weber deal to the Flyers happening, despite much speculation from the fanbase. Several reasons why;
    1. Nashville have tried their De heavy team. Best chance to win? This year. They still can’t do it. And looked severally horrible at moments. Time to move on.
    2. Flyers are heavy with what the Preds need & combined with being desperate to replace Pronger – Nashville could strike now to get even more then a Weber trade would normally demand.

    I really do not like the idea of giving up Couturier in any scenario, & wouldn’t have Scheen too far behind that. Obviously Giroux & the other top forwards are off the market too.

    That all being said, I would welcome most other trades combining JVR with, _________, and/or, _________, and/or draft picks. And so on………

    My dream trade (all while being realistic & fair) would be;
    - JVR along with 
    - Timonen 
    - Bourdon’s (RFA rights)
    - & either a 2nd or 3rd round pick. 
    Now some may think this is too much whereas I feel Timonen (with his $6.3 million and 1 yr left) would free up a whole pile of cap room 1 year earlier. Also, with JVR gone you free up his $4.25 (for the next 6yrs), along with the money you would have to spend on re-singing Carle – who I think you could let walk, should Philly land Weber. However, at this point you have to remember that the Flyers would only be trading for Weber’s rights & would still have to contend with signing the star D-man.

    A trade such as this, with Pronger’s possible retirement, and Briere’s huge contract expiring in a few years would, I think, put the Flyers in a great position going forward – not to mention giving them the cap room they WILL NEED to re-sign Giroux, Coututier, Scheen, Simmonds, and Hartnell over the next few years.

    But, no matter what, if Suter goes to another team prior to a Weber deal getting done every team in the NHL can stop dreaming of trading for Shea. He’ll be a Predator for life.

    • Jao174

      Craig that trade scenario is incredibly unrealistic. Why would Nashville want a broken Timonen back with a crazy cap hit? Why do they need Bourdon when they excel at developing young D talent? If Weber is moved here, Couturier will surely move out at the least.  It will cost too much

  • Tomahawk

    If the goal in any trade is maximize value — buy low, sell high — it’s the absolute worst time to be going hard after Weber — if he wins the Norris, the price will be that much higher.  The cost to land him will inevitably drop as the last year of his restricted status comes to a close, with rights being leverage.  What might cost you multiple top prospects and picks today might be had for a fraction of the cost next spring or summer.  For the Flyers, the real time of desperation is when Timonen retires/goes UFA… they’ve managed to overcome Pronger’s absence for the most part already.

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