Flyers known to keep Summers interesting

It’s now the offseason, and with it comes a ton of rumors about potential trades or acquisitions — thus, the moniker of “Silly Season.”

This particular one is especially interesting, with names like Rick Nash, Bobby Ryan, and Ryan Suter floating around as either pending free agents or possible trade bait.

As we learned last summer, the Flyers have no problem with pulling the trigger on huge deals if it means improving their team for the future. So it’s not completely out there to think that they might make another humungous big deal during the era of sweltering heat, whether that is making a run at Nash or focusing their attention on a defenseman like Suter or restricted free agent Shea Weber.

It’s very easy to get caught up in all the trade hype and free agent frenzy, especially with rumors coming out of the woodwork — some from credible sources, and some from just “sources.”

But the rumors and rumblings are what makes this time of the year so much fun. Without it, what would hockey fans do with their Summers? Watch “The Revolution?” Um, no thanks. It’s more interesting to keep tabs on which player might be going where, or what teams are willing to use as trade bait to get that big-named player (can we all say James Van Riemsdyk?).

The thing to remember is, the rumors are just rumors until the deals are actually done. You can go crazy believing everything you read, no matter how realistic a specific trade or acquisition may sound.

So before you take off for Paul Holmgren’s shore house with a pitchfork in hand because he’s apparently offering Claude Giroux, Bobby Clarke, and the Wells Fargo Center to the Anaheim Ducks in return for Bobby Ryan and an In-and-Out burger, remember that it ain’t done until it’s done.

And then wait at least a half an hour before going back into the water because you’re going to cramp up from the list of excuses Homer trots out for NOT making a deal or signing.

Fans may not always agree with the Flyers’ tactics when it comes to making trades or acquiring free agents, but this is an organization that is determined to win and will do whatever it takes to bring the Stanley Cup back to Philadelphia. The team may drive us crazy, but boy, do they ever make this time of year worth our attention.