Lost in translation: What that offseason news really means

James van Riesmdyk

Don't get too comfortable in that jersey, kid.

The offseason is filled with plenty of news, speculation, absurd rumors, and hyperbole. So, we at Flyers Faithful have decided to take our best shot at deciphering some of the things that you’ve heard recently.

News: This was a great pick by the Flyers! He’s an absolute steal with a lot of upside and projects to be a Mike Richards-type player.
What it sounds like: Holy crap, we traded Mike Richards for Mike Richards last year and drafted another Mike Richards this year!
What it really means: The kid plays two-way hockey and probably scored a nice shorthanded goal when he was fifteen and has been compared to Mike Richards ever since.

News: The Flyers have over $11 million in cap space.
What it sounds like: The Flyers will land Ryan Suter and Zach Parise!
What it really means: After re-signing the pending free agents and adding a backup goalie, there won’t be much money left.

News: No, James, you don’t have to worry about a trade.
What it sounds like: You’re not getting traded, JvR.
What it really means: James, I would never ask you to shop yourself around and find a suitable trade. I’m the GM and that’s my job. Thanks for offering, though.

News: The Flyers traded James van Riemsdyk for Luke Schenn.
What it sounds like: Clearly, that means the Flyers are now frontrunners for Zach Parise.
What it really means: That trade cleared a whopping $650k in cap space, opened up a spot for a player like Brayden Schenn or Sean Couturier to move up the depth chart, and gave the team a little more flexibility to re-sign players.

News: The Flyers have interest in Rick Nash/Bobby Ryan/Ryan Suter/Keith Yandle/every other big-name player on the market.
What it sounds like: The Flyers are going to land a big free agent this offseason.
What it really means: The Flyers will always be linked to any marquee player who is being shopped or is about to hit free agency. With JvR out of the picture, there’s no way the Flyers would be able to land any of these players via trade without moving either (if not both) Schenn or Couturier.

News: Bobby Ryan wants to be traded to Philadelphia.
What it sounds like: Bobby Ryan is coming to Philadelphia! Finally!!!!
What it really means: Bobby Ryan isn’t a GM and can’t orchestrate a trade himself. If he does get traded to Philadelphia, you’ll be unhappy about what the Flyers gave up to get him.

News: I’m sorry, I was (down the shore without internet/in a business meeting/following a lead on another potential trade) when that big deal went down.
What it sounds like: Oh, well, not every insider can get everything but he’s provided us with plenty of rumors. So, we’ll let this one slide.
What it really means: If I was an insider, I wouldn’t be on vacation during the draft. Even if I was, I’d make sure I had some sort of access to news. Regardless, one of my alleged sources would have informed me of the news in advance, since I still have a smartphone.

News: Jaromir Jagr wants to test the free agent market but he loves Philly and it’s 50/50 that he returns.
What it sounds like: Jagr loves us and we love him. It’s only a matter of time before he re-signs.
What it really means: Ask Penguins fans.

Shea Weber

Come on, Shea, you know you want to.

  • M.C. Philly

    Great article. Agreed on almost every point. Love the pic at the bottom.

    Weber = only player I’d traded wither Couturier or B. Schenn for at the moment.

    One of the great things about being a Flyers fan is knowing your team is going to try it’s best every year to improve the team. Some moves are better then others. Some duds. Some gems. Lots of owners/Gm’s of other (actually most) teams don’t try as hard as the Black & Orange management does. And for that, I think they diserve some Kudos. I strongly worry when the day comes and Mr. Snyder isn’t around…. enter a possible penny pincher at the helm.

    Just look at the Jets. Here in Winnipeg I can tell you that people are still in the Honeymoon phase and do not realize the lack of commitment it’s management has already shown the fans and fellow players. I get that you don’t want to go crazy the first year or so and spend, spend, spend. But my god. Do something! The Jets have sellouts for years to come, are #1 in merchandise in the NHL, and have the richest owner in the NHL (David Thompson net worth 17.5 Billion), and yet, have done jack. Things are looking even worse with Pavelec half way out the door and Kane….well I don’t know what to make of him. But that’s ok because they traded a (albeit late) draft pick for Gustavsson with a grand total of 8 days of negotiating rights before his UFA kicks in July 1st. Solid move Cheveldayoff….pffft.
    The Jets are entering Islanders territory in a quick here, with their management. Mark my words, Jets finish dead last in East, maybe even entire NHL in coming season.

    Anyhow, my point being is the Flyers always seem to be very much in contention and it’s cup or bust every season. I love that. Takes some brains and balls to make the moves they have and you certainly can’t sit on your hands and expect everything to just work itself out. The Kings had some guts……that turned out OK.

    My take on the JVR trade. I like it. I don’t love it. But it’s a move for a player in a position we needed to improve on. And I’ll take L. Shenn’s 270+ hits a season anyday. On top of that we didn’t have to throw in B. Schenn or Couturier in any other deal – - as was talked about with the Nash/Ryan/_______ trades. But more then anything I think it gives the Flyers top wingers a chance to find their place again. With JVR in and out of the lineup it always seemed awkward when he’d return to the ice, with the other wingers. Our line up looked great in the Penguins series. Enter JVR in the NJ series, Simmonds and other just didn’t look right. Now I’m not blaming JVR for the way the team play against the Devils – but it’s food for thought.

    All Luke Schenn has to do next year is hit lots, get 3 more points and improve +5 and he equals JVR’s stats from last year. An unfair comparison, but I just did it anyway. haha

    M.C. Philly

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