Well, that wasn’t too bad (on ice with the Southern girl)

Forgive the quality of these photos. My dad was in town and the man has a non-smart phone. I’m not sure how he survives. But a thank you to him for taking pictures of this almost historical event.

On Tuesday, I went to an adult skating class (that sounds far more inappropriate than it should). I have to be honest, I was terrified. I’m sure it was more anticipation of falling and possible broken bones that was adding to the terror. I’m not a risk-taker by nature. Not in regards to anything athletic. So, I went up to the desk to get a pair of skates. I was nervous enough that I didn’t make sure I got hockey skates, so my first lesson was on figure skates. I will remedy this next class. I went to tie them up, remembering that probably like roller skates, the tighter, the better (I don’t have the strongest of ankles). I pulled so hard on the shoelaces, I broke them.

When I went up to the desk to replace the shoelace, they commented that I must be strong (a laugh-worthy idea) and gave me an entirely new skate which seemed overkill to me.

(I apologize for my hair, I have no idea what it was doing.)

I was early (force of habit) and the class before me was still on the ice. Kids. Little kids who I knew even without testing my skating skills could skate far better than I. It felt like it took ages for them to get off the ice. I saw some other adults start to skate, so I got on the ice.

And spent a lot of time near the boards.

There was another student that it was his first day. He hadn’t skated in fifty-seven years. I took comfort in that. I’d done some skating as a kid in the eighties so it’s only been over twenty years for me. He and I got along pretty well although despite it being fifty-seven years, he was definitely doing better than I.

Here’s the shocking thing. I didn’t fall. I teetered. A lot. But I never fell. I moved across the ice without using momentum from pushing against the boards. I didn’t have high expectations that I’d be skating backwards gracefully in one session, so the fact that I skated without too many slips of balance is thrilling thing. I learned how to turn in place and how to stop. Well, theoretically, I learned how to stop. More often than not, I would stop from running out of momentum before the actual move stopped me.

The other thing that surprised me was that I was smiling. Often more in a self-mocking way, but my irrational terror disappeared pretty quickly and I actually skated. I can’t explain how happy that made me. I still have so much to learn (bending my knees a bit more would make a world of difference) and I’m pretty sure I will eventually fall, but I did it.

So no bruise-count this week (I have some, but that’s just from my awesome ability to run into things on a normal basis). Because of the Fourth of July next week, class is cancelled, but I might go in if there are public skates because I need to practice. I want to practice.

I can skate.

  • The Goalie

    Toe pick! Figure skates, really….
    If you’re not falling, you’re not trying hard enough :)

    • http://twitter.com/ecnewmanhockey Eden Newman

      I’ll work on that falling technique next class (with hockey skates). :)