Some 4th of July fireworks

Thanks to the BBB

For those of us missing the contact that has nothing to do with a wooden bat hitting a baseball, here’s some Old School style holiday hits and fights for the truly hockey starved.

It’s a brainless but effective way to kill some of the time spent waiting for the Five Horsemen of Free Agency to make up their damn minds.

Happy Independence Day, everyone, from the Flyers Faithful family.

First up, a 1990 hits compilation, the kind they used to play on SportsChannel on some lazy Sunday afternoon:

Next up, some heated action between the Bruins and Nordiques from 1987 at the Garden:

Goalie fight, between Patrick Roy and Chris Osgood, the spill-over brawl between the Avs and Red Wings from 1998:

The Senators and Sabres mix it up in 2007:

And finally, the Flyers and Penguins (and their coaches) throw down on April Fools’ Day: