Shameless Self-Promotion

But I did ask permission from the Powers That Be here on Flyers Faithful.

I’m published today. It’s one of the craziest things I’ll ever get to say and perhaps the most exciting. It’s a bit like giving birth, though all the labor is mental and emotional (only occasionally physical). I’ve been writing somewhat seriously since January 2000 when I was stuck in a college class that I had to take but didn’t find interesting. I wrote several stories and about twenty poems in a month. I figured that was a sign of some kind.

My book, Phase, is not about hockey. I wrote it before my best friend introduced me to hockey, so I’m sorry about that. It’s Young Adult, paranormal about friendship and a dash of romance. Like I told my dad, it’s totally a girl book.

So I won’t be a bit annoyed if you don’t look it up. But I had share. Because it’s awesome, to see my name on a book. Something that I started in April of 2009 and it’s published today.

I plan to write a book set in the hockey world, probably more than one eventually. I need to research more and maybe try my hand at holding a hockey stick.

So for now, it’s available at amazon and barnes and noble. I’m pretty proud and giddy right now.

Just don’t ask me to review this book. :)

And next week will be about hockey. Promise.