Flyers talk at rookie camp

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Courtesy of the Philadelphia Flyers

G Anthony Stolarz

Q: Do you have any expectations of this week?

“I’m just going to take it in and enjoy it. It’s my first camp and I’m just going to go with it and see what happens.”

Q: Have you set any goals for this week?

“Just in the scrimmage not to give up any goals and stop every puck I can.”

Q: How important is it to know these guys off the ice?

“It’s very important. You might be playing with these guys. You look around and there a lot of guys playing in college, and I will be playing against them this year. I’m sure the guys in major junior, I will cross their paths one day as well.”

Q: Ho do you think the on-ice session went?

“I thought it went very well. I haven’t been on the ice in two weeks. I was good to get the legs underneath you and the first one out of the way.”

Q: On being back home

“Some of my friends came out today and my family is planning on coming out this week. So, it’s nice being home.”

Q: On talking to Neil Little

“We introduced ourselves and said hello. He said he will talk to me during the week.”

D Trevor van Riemsdyk

Q:What do you look to get out of a week like this?

“Just take in as much as you can, they have a lot to teach us and a lot of different things to show us. Be a sponge is the saying you hear a lot and to just learn as much as you can this week.”

Q: Is it nice to get the first session out of the way, to get your feet under you?

“Yeah definitely, definitely a little rust from the summer so it’s good to get the first session done and over with to kind of see where you are with the other guys because there’s obviously a lot of really good guys here and to just have fun with it.”

Q: What’s it like to play here with the Flyers where your brother played for many years?

“Well James has always had nothing but the best to say and now that he’s gone, he didn’t have any harsh words to say going out, nothing but praise. It’s cool to be here, obviously, for myself. I can just feel thankful that I got the opportunity and I’m going to try and make the best of it.”

Q: Did [James] pass on any advice?

“Just enjoy it, work hard. Do that and everything else will take care of itself. Don’t try to do too much just be yourself and see what they think about. But try not to do too much and impress anyone, just be yourself. 

Q:Is it awkward at all, considering the trade that just happened weeks ago?

“No, I don’t feel it’s awkward. I mean it happens in the business, people get traded. Anyone can get traded, obviously, he’s done some pretty big moves these last few years. I’m a different person, I guess some can see it as a little bit awkward but I really don’t feel that way.”

Q: You’ve played against Anthony Stolarz before, right?

“Yeah I have, in summer hockey. I haven’t seen him in a few years, and he’s definitely gotten a lot bigger since the last time I saw him. He was really good out there [today], he really impressed me. Obviously I was expecting that because he was drafted pretty high, but I’m happy for him. He’s from pretty close to me so it’s always nice to see guys from your area doing well. I’m happy for him”

Q: Where are you playing this year?

“University of New Hampshire”

Q: New Hampshire… isn’t that where…?

“Where James went, yeah.”

Q: Did he push you to go there?

“No, he left it up to me to make my own decision. It was a good fit for me though so it’s why I ended up there.”

D Oliver Lauridsen

Q: How does it feel coming back for camp?

“It’s my fourth year this year and I have been here before. I know the ropes a little bit. Maybe this year I can take care of the younger guys a little bit more.”

Q: On learning

“There is always something you can learn. The coaching staff we have around this place is pretty amazing. They have 5,000 NHL games combined, I think. You just listen…They will teach you something no matter how old you are.”

Q: On Kjell Samuelsson and Derian Hatcher

“Both Kjell [Samuelsson] and [Derian] Hatcher have been great to me. They both played my style of game. They have really been helping me a lot.”

Q: Anything specific that they have told you?

“They are staying on top of me and making sure I move my feet a little quicker and make quick passes. Also, to bring the physicality to the game and just play tough all night long.”

Q: On giving advice to younger guys

“Well, there are a couple guys. I have been here so long and I kind of know what is going on. They come and ask me for a little details. If there is going to be hockey stuff, they are going to ask the coaches.”

Q:What do you hope to get out of this camp?

“Since I started these summer camps, it’s changed a bit. It kind of moved towards more of a summer camp since the last couple of years when [Ian Laperriere] has been running it. It is a little more skill and easing into it than my first couple of years. What we are hoping to get out of it is a nice easy start to the whole season and getting a good role on the ice.”

Q: On other people getting called up last season and how he feels about it

“You want it to be yourself, but also it is nice to see that the organization is comfortable calling up defensemen. I happy for the guys who got the chance and hopefully I am going to go back and really do good work this year. Hopefully it will be me next time.”

Q: The things he needs to work on

“A quicker first pass. Also, still try to play physical.”

Q: Joe Paterson vs. Terry Murray

“I don’t really know Terry [Murray] that well, but I really enjoyed playing for Joe [Paterson] too. Unfortunately he is not going to be here anymore. I am just going to have to wait and see what this new guy is going to bring.”

Q: Is there anything from this past season that you think you need to work on so that you do get that call up?

“You can always look over your shoulder. For me, it is just moving forward and just taking that extra step in all the aspects of the game like making quicker passes, moving my feet a little quicker and playing tougher. I think just taking that extra step and develop. That is probably what they are looking for and hopefully that will be what they see this season.”

C Scott Laughton

Q:You’ve been a Flyer for a little while now, does it feel more official now that you’re actually here?

“Yeah, I mean at the draft it didn’t really sink in until I came home and came over here, so it’s a really nice feeling and I’m just really honored to be picked.”

Q: Was it nice to get your legs under you today?

“Yeah it was, not being on the ice a lot and not having that high level of competition out there so it was nice getting on the ice and getting my legs going.”

Q: What do you think you can learn from a camp like this?

“Just learn from all the pros, it’s one of the best organizations in the world. They have guys who have played in the NHL for over 1,000 games so to kind of just learn from them and see what they think.

Q: Do you think it’s important too to get to know these guys off the ice, because you could grow up in the organization with a lot of these guys.

“Yeah for sure, getting to know the guys on the team. Learning from them too, because a couple of guys have been here before so seeing what they take from it and I’ve learned from a couple of guys so far. 

Q: Have you set any goals for yourself for a week like this?

“No I don’t think so, just coming in and learning and getting better every day. I just want to get better and get my legs under me.”

Q: Are there any guys that you’ve played with before? 

“Yeah, I’ve played with Collin Sullentrop, so we’re teammates and rooming together, so he’s helping me out a lot and giving me pointers and what to expect.” 

Q: What was that moment like when you went on the ice for the first time as a member of the organization, in the NHL?

“Yeah it’s a surreal feeling, I mean you don’t really know what to expect, and to go out on the ice and you’ve got Ian Laperriere running the drills and you watch him play in the NHL for forever. It hasn’t really sunk in but just an unbelievable experience.”

C Nick Cousins

Q: Is it nice to get the first day out of the way, to get your legs under you again?

“Yeah I was a little bit nervous this morning about the camp but after the first couple drills I got back into the swing of things and I actually felt pretty good out there.”

Q: Have you sent any goals for yourself for a week like this?

“No not really, just come in here and get better as a player, a hockey player on and off the ice and I think that’s what they’ve preached to us so far during the camp. But obviously I want to make some noise and have them upstairs talking about me.”

Q: What did you learn last season?

“I think last year was a little bit of an eye opener for me. Obviously the guys are a lot stronger and a lot bigger. The pace is a little bit faster than junior. This year I have a lot more confidence and I know the guys around me. Even some of the coaches I got to know. Just coming into this year I have a lot more confidence.”

Q: Did you take anything from last camp that you took into the season?

“Well, I guess I tried to take a professional approach back to junior. That’s what I did. Going back and to junior and trying to improve your game every day and get better as a player on and off the ice. I think that helped me mature as a person. It kind of creeped into my game a bit.”