Blackhawks’ Carcillo still living in the past

It’s high time for Dan Carcillo to move on.

This past weekend, the Chicago Blackhawks held their annual Convention, a weekend-long event that gives fans an opportunity to interact with players, coaches, and alumni about two months before the hockey preseason begins.

Different panels featuring those affiliated with the team are hosted, and fans are able to participate, both in person and interactively via Twitter and the team’s Facebook page.

Why is this of any interest to Flyers fans, you might ask? Well, our old friend Dan Carcillo — currently with the Blackhawks — had some choice words for his former team.

When speaking of the 2010 Stanley Cup Finals between the Flyers and the Blackhawks, Carcillo commented, “If we had better goaltending, maybe we would have put up a fight.” Later on, he also mentioned that he has “zero” respect for Flyers’ coach Peter Laviolette.

Well, Danny Boy, let’s compare your 2010 postseason contributions to Leighton’s. In 17 games, you scored six points. At best, that’s mediocre. Meanwhile, Leighton had a 8-3 record in 14 postseason starts, and three shutouts. Yeah, three. And despite the goal heard ‘round the world to end Game 6, he was one of the biggest reasons why the team reached the Finals in the first place.

As for your thoughts on Laviolette, well, I’m sure he doesn’t think too highly of you, if at all, either. See, Laviolette is probably focusing his attention on the upcoming season, not something that happened two seasons ago. You should try it.

Of course, Carcillo is known as a chirper and an instigator, so he could have very well been pandering to the Blackhawks fans at the Convention. Or, he’d rather just discuss the past so he can avoid talking about the seven-game suspension he served back in January after a nasty hit on Tom Gilbert of the Edmonton Oilers, a hit that cost Carcillo the rest of his season and then some since he severely hurt his knee on the play and needed surgery.

Regardless of why he decided to throw some jabs in the Flyers’ direction, this is the point: Who cares? No one in Philadelphia misses Carcillo, and I doubt anyone feels hurt by what the guy said. I doubt the Flyers are sitting in meetings and plotting their revenge against him.

Carcillo did what he gets paid to do: chirp and agitate. (And he did a pretty bad job of it, might I add.) With all of the other news and rumors surrounding the Flyers, his comments aren’t worth another thought.