Will there be another lockout next season?

Gary Bettman

This is Gary Bettman and the hand motion he’s currently making is better left unexplained

The current CBA is set to expire on September 15. Negotiations are underway to hammer out a new CBA but will the NHL experience another lockout?

Will there be another lockout next season?

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  • Parker

    there’s no way there will be another lockout. The owners saw how that impacted this sport last time – to have it happen again might mean the death of the NHL. Philly is fortunate to have a fan base loyal enough to stick around no matter what, but overall there just isn’t enough support for the league to believe small-market franchises (Phoenix, Nashville, Columbus, Dallas, Florida, etc) can weather the storm. It’s a business first and entertainment provider second – and no one wins when they don’t play.