Coping mechanisms of the Flyers fan

Being a Flyers/Philly sports fan all my life, I have come to know disappointment and more importantly, how to cope with it.

Denial is not just a river in Egypt, but a sludge and rage and guilt-filled trench that flows down through all regions of Philadelphia from a thousand branches until it empties into the junction of Broad and Pattison.

Here are some ways I’m coping with the Shea Weber news.

Rationalization: Weber and Ryan Suter were arguably the biggest defensive names this off season. For the last few years, Nashville Predators have had them both, IN THE SAME DEFENSIVE PAIRING, and have yet to win a Cup. We didnt get him? No big whoop.

Further rationalization: Getting the big player, doesn’t equate to getting a championship. Look no further than our other teams in this city. The Phillies have pulled some great signings over the last few years yet the “Aces High” approach has seen a clear devolution since their 2008 win. How did NFL’s “Dream Team” work out in Philly last year? Sometimes, the addition of a superstar can hurt a teams chemistry as evidenced in…

Envy: It’s the hot team that wins championships now, not the best team. Dynasties are seemingly gone in todays sports. Blame free agency, but it becomes increasingly hard to maintain a powerhouse and even the powerhouses can lose steam. The New York Giants, LA Kings and St. Louis Cardinals were all mediocre teams that got hot at the right moment and rode that heat to victory.

Anger: It’s all Paul Holmgren’s fault! Really? I guess at least the guy tried. He has made a generous offer to all of the free (or not free) agents this year. At very least, he kept Weber from going to a division rival even if he may have missed the boat on Rick Nash but even that may be a good thing because Rangers gave up a lot to win now and if they don’t (see above hot team scenario) they are screwed. Say what you will about the Flyers, they have a young team built to last.

So in conclusion, we didn’t get the last remaining non-slagged-off superstar left in free agency Fine. We can stop our figurative tearing of garments and cease the gnashing of teeth with the hope that WE can be that hot team come May. Our chemistry can carry us to win the cup. And if its Denial I’m floating on, hand me a Classic Winter Lager and let me enjoy the slow and lazy drift into the clouds.