Which Flyer will have a breakout season?

Sean Couturier

I believe there is a prison term that can be used to describe what Sean Couturier did to Evgeni Malkin last postseason

Claude Giroux is now a superstar but there’s a long line of talented, young players behind him who have the chance to join his elite rank in upcoming seasons.

Which Flyer will have a breakout season?

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  • Parker

    I think Simmonds is primed for a breakout season. He’s going to have a Talbot-esque season next year. Simmonds very quietly put up 50 points last year and I think we’ll see him get closer to 60 points in ’12-’13 while leading the team in PIM.

  • http://www.facebook.com/vaughanpiccolo Vaughan Piccolo

    I like Voracek’s chances of putting up big points playing on the top line, or the “Ginger” line if you will.

  • penaltykiller

    I’ll go with my avatar. If he gets PP time and easier zone starts you could see a 40-50 pt season from him.

  • http://twitter.com/slapshotsamurai von der Zukunft

    I’m not really sold on the “Flyin’ Gingers” as a line name. I like the “Red Line” a little better… But a stop-motion video of gingerbread men playing hockey could be fun to make. But then again, the Red Line has been missing from hockey for some time now.